This is the end,

This is the end,

Into this night I descend

My whole life

Leading to this final strife

Time to leave the air...

Hope they won't despair

After all these years,

The truth finally appears

His hidden love,

How could I have known of?

I see in his empty gaze,

Love for her, ALWAYS.

With his assistance,

I have gone the distance

All these things I thought;

Now make me so distraught.

No time to say goodbye,

On them I cannot rely

Overhead the dementors...

Don't know how to fight anymore.

Turn over the stone,

Parents help me to the unknown

My mentor: a lifelong lie?

I wonder, will it hurt to die?

Slowly to my death I walk

Ticking on is the clock.

Me, a Horcrux

This fact, a deluxe.

This is my fate--

To die to save our state

No spell can I recite

For now, I cannot fight.

To my enemy I call,

Let the stone fall

Him and me alone

Death, I cannot postpone

Ginny's eyes I see,

But I cannot flee.

Do not touch my wand

I must move beyond.

Tilts his head, looks at me

The end, now a guarantee.

Curse I see him speak,

Everything looks bleak.

Flash of green,

Then, to me, everything is unseen.