"Baby please." Marcus said against her neck. He was sitting behind her with his legs on either side of hers, knees bent. She had all sorts of notes, flash cards, and her math book in front of her. Marcus had to bend a little to kiss her neck. At 17 he was already 6'2" and having a 5 foot 3 inch girlfriend was a little uncomfortable at times, just with having to bend over to give her kiss. She helped out of course by standing on her tip toes, and wore almost nothing but high heels to give her a boost helped too (she currently had them kicked off). He liked how she fit perfectly under his arm, she liked it too.

"No Marcus. I have to study for the math final still," Melissa said, she took her thick brown curls and put it to one side of her neck, "but you can kiss me if you want. But don't get in the way of my focus, please." She continued to do practice problems in her math journal.

He huffed and muttered something about wanting to kiss more than her neck. He nuzzled her neck and started to kiss and bite at it. She had to remind him not to leave a mark but didn't really care that much. He kept kissing and nibbling before he started sucking. Melissa took in a breath and let it out as a small moan. If Marcus hadn't been the one to cause it he wouldn't have noticed, especially since she kept her cute studying face. Everything about her was cute. She had what Marcus called "sexy-syndrome". Softly curled, brown hair, complete with natural highlights, framed a heart-shaped face, bed-room eyes, and pouty, kissable, lips. Even though she wasn't too much in the breast department she made up for it a perfect bottom half. She literally had the nicest ass Marcus had ever seen. He loved to watch her hips swing back and forth in her school uniform, even more so when it was warm enough to wear the 'recommended' skirt. Thinking about her hips, he lowered his hands to them and pushed her back making them be closer, still kissing and sucking on her skin in different spots.

"Marcus, I can't focus when you do that." Melissa gasped.

Marcus wasn't half bad either. Melissa loved how muscled and masculine and tall and handsome he was. HIs shaggy black hair that fell into lovely dark green eyes. Beautiful green eyes that darkened with lust and lit up with joy. Eyes that gave every emotion way. The perfect squared off face with a slightly pointed chin made him look a model but not quite, Marcus was sexier. Practically dripping sex-appeal with every breathe he took from those juicy lips. Underneath the band t-shirts or school uniform, his usual attire that also made him damn sexy, was a vast, chiseled, chest and toned 6-packed stomach. But his arms, his arm were almost better than his beautiful eyes. Perfectly shaped biceps and triceps, all from playing the drums since he was 6 and practicing 5 hours a day since then.

"Good, we haven't done it in a while and I'm getting all pent up. I just my start jacking off again." The mental imagine made Melissa full on groan, "I didn't think you liked that kind of thing baby," His 

seductive tone was making it harder and harder to concentrate, that was the one downside to dating a sex God, she never got any home-work done if he was in the same room, "then again, I should have guessed. You are pretty kinky, joking with your friends about handcuffs. We should try it sometime; I would love to see you go all dominatrix with those hot leather boots you got. The ones that go up to...right here" he slip his hand up her bare leg and stopped mid-thigh, underneath her skirt. She wanted him to higher but didn't want to give in. He was best when she played hard to get, in the mood that is.

She hoped her voice sounded even, "I really have to study for these finals," he nipped at her neck, "N-not all of us can be Mr. Perfect McNeverHaveToStudy." She honestly tried to keep her breathing even although she failed.

"Mmm..." He wasn't listening. Every mark he left of her still sensitive skin he kissed. Only then did Melissa realize the pattern, he kissed all the way up to her ear before he nibbled at it. She snapped her math book closed and gave in. Loving the feeling of his teeth at her surprisingly sensitive ear. She closed her eyes and leaned back into him. As soon as she did she felt his arousal through her skirt. "A little happy are we?" She spoke, equally as seductive.

She bent her knees and spread her legs wrapping them around his making his hand go a little lower on her thigh in the process. Melissa turned her head and caught his lips in a more passionate kiss than she had been aiming for. It didn't matter, it was still amazing. All of his kisses were ones that left her breathless and fighting not to jump his bones right then and there. Marcus parted his lips for the soul proposes of his tongue running across her bottom lip and then her teeth. The action made her gasp and eagerly accept his offer. The French kiss battle ensued. She didn't know how she did but she was able to take control, for once, and explore. Something she had never really gotten to do, even in the beginning, two whole years ago, it was nice. She understood what he liked about it so much. Of course she didn't keep control for long and he took over again.

He never knew what made him always want to control the kisses, maybe because she knew how to control him in a different way. She made him pant and moan and actually scream, yes, she made him scream, whenever they were having fun with foreplay, making him want her so bad it hurt. Melissa believed that foreplay was more fun that the actual act. That was the only thing he disagreed with her on. Maybe because he was male he like it more, maybe it was another control thing, maybe he just liked the feeling of being surrounded by her everywhere, although he was make bigger in over all mass. But the feeling of her legs wrapped around his waist, her nails digging into his back, and watching her face so close, was one he didn't have a big enough vocabulary to describe. He always wondered if it was the same for her, they didn't really have control over their lives, especially her. The imagines of past love and ecstasy rushed from the head on his shoulders strait to the growing head in his pants. He wanted, NEEDED, her now.

It was one of his bizarre bursts of strength that sent her flying onto the edge of his bed. He stayed on the floor and leaned up between her legs looking for that familiar wetness that he was sure was waiting for him. He turned around on his knees; lifting her skirt up and bit at her core through her soaked cotton undies.

"Aahh...M-Marcus!" She gasped.

He loved it when she did that. Cry out his name like it was the only word she knew but understood the value of it. Hearing his name he leaned forward and started pull down her undies using only his teeth, his hands holding her down by her waist so she wouldn't move too much and entice him with her struggling. On either side of him her thighs twitched, showing she was only just beginning to really understand what he had planned for her. After getting the panties down far enough he buried his nose in her perfectly trimmed curls, 'just for him, all for him' he repeated in his head. He kept her face pressed against her when he started to lap her up. Melissa's hips bucked at the sensation and the ball of lust started somewhere in her stomach. She couldn't last much longer but somehow she managed to hold back a little, at least until his teeth grazed her opening and his tongue started darting in and out. She shot strait up and held his head to her, wanting him to go deeper, much deeper.

She gasped and shivered, almost violently, as he ate her. Marcus just shut his eyes tight and reveled in the feeling of her around him again. He was positive she wanted it just as bad now. But he needed her to lay down for what he had planned next. It was the knock at the door that broke them apart.

"Marcus? Mel? Can one of you go with me to talk to Dr.Samson? Please!" Clancy, one of Marcus' many younger brothers, sounding through the door.

Marcus was glaring daggers at the door; he didn't like being interrupted in the middle of his private time. "I'll go help him." Melissa said, letting out a shaky breathe, "Don't give me that look. I promise, as soon as I get back we'll finish where left off. I'll even return the favor." She winked down at him.

He grumbled but agreed the thought of her returning the favor brought a smile to his lips, "Trust me babe, the pleasure is all mine." He leaned up and kissed her briefly before letting her stand up and adjust herself, "Well, maybe not ALL mine." He kissed her again.

"Mmm, love you."

"Love you too."

"Guys! Are you in there? Please help me! He'll eat me alive if I go alone!" Clancy shouted through the door again.

Melissa sighed and walked over to the door. She opened it saying, "Don't be such a baby Clancy." Right when their footsteps couldn't be heard, Marcus dashed off to the room's connecting bathroom to relive himself of his problem before his other brothers came knocking.