One little crack,

One little infirmity

Holding itself together

With a constant pressure

(Not too hard, dear, remember

Your first aid training.)

― Taped clumsily

With shaking hands;

The head is pieced back together

And muffled with white noise

(Just don't think; you'll see,

It'll be much better, much easier.)

…Easier said than done.

Earmuffs placed over the marble bust,

Cemented with chewing gum

And tape

And loud guitars

(Thinks stink, dear.)

Focus. Yes, focus.

Just drown it all out.

Focus on nothing.

(Thinks stink.)

Marble lips move to speak,

Muttering incoherent nothings

(Thinks stink.)

Or rather somethings,

Just gone unheard

As thoughts


Are pieced together

Scrambling for purchase

On the chewing gum

Pouring out of our ears


Bits and pieces of intelligence,

Shards of shiny truths,

Shaking out from under the tape


On both sides,

Collapsing into relief


Conforming and hiding

Immobile in marble;

(…Thinks stink is a thought?…)



Or another artist's rendition?