The world is a wicked place,

Full of carnal sin.

You dip your toe into the pool,

Let the ecstasy begin.

The touch of the forbidden,

Hidden in plain sight

Much like a lover's caress,

Of darkness wrapped in light.

I feel your taste upon my lips,

A richness brewed in blood.

And when you sink into me,

You make me feel as no other could.

I shudder here beneath you,

Barely hanging on.

I leave my marks upon your skin,

As my pleasure rises like the dawn.

Yet, like all things, it comes to an end,

With stuttering heart and rasping breath.

Euphoria comes, tingling the skin,

It washes me out until there's nothing left.

So here I lay with panting breath,

These words of lust upon my lips.

You hold me now, within your arms,

And it ends how it began, with a kiss.