How could you just do that to me?

I thought you wanted to make things between us better.

Apparently, I had been horribly mislead,

After seeing the way you were screwing with her.

I bet you didn't even realize the effect you had on me.

Or maybe you did, so you push things even more.

Whatever the case may be,

I'm not sure I want things to continue this way.

I couldn't help the jealousy that came over me,

But you have no idea what you mean to me.

Seeing you with her (or anyone else)

Is driving me to the brink of insanity.

Then you had the fucking nerve

To bring up what I thought was in the past.

Why did you have to put gas to the flame?

I thought things were okay between us at last.

Although I will never admit it out loud,

Part of me wanted to take you up on your offer.

Go back with you in that dark little corner,

Just to see if things would get any better.

Although, you completely deserved it,

I am sorry that I slapped you.

But if you saw things from my point of view,

You would understand why I was so angry.

Maybe then, if you felt the pain I feel,

You would be able to understand

Why it is that I'm so reluctant to get involved

With you all over again.