I'll admit it, I do want to go back.

I want to have what we did before.

No matter what you do to me,

Everyday, I seem to want you even more.

I know it's wrong to still want you

After the hell you put me through.

But I just can't help it,

I'm just sorta drawn to you.

I know it would be in my best interest

To not have a relationship with you.

But despite what everyone says,

I want so desperately to be with you.

Loving you is like a habit I can't break.

Even though I have reasons to hate you,

I still seem to care for you, and worse,

I still crave for you and I still trust you.

Over and over again, people tell me

"You're only going to be hurt again."

Even though I sit and listen,

I never seem to learn my lesson.

But they are right, I know they are.

You have proven that to me, repeatedly.

But I just can't seem to find the strength

To fight this hold you have over me.

I think I'm going crazy…

What have you done to me?!

I don't even know myself anymore,

This is worse than ever before.

Will you just be with me?

Even if it is all just a fucking lie…

I don't think I would be able to tell the difference.

My mind can no longer differ between fantasy and reality.

You sit there, staring at me

With that taunting sexy smirk of yours.

I long to kiss those lips of yours,

To feel your hands all over me.

But no, this is something that will never happen.

Why? Because you don't care about me!

I will eventually come to terms with that,

But until then, I am lost in memories and fantasies…

I am slowly losing touch with the world around me

And it is all because of you.

I don't mean to blame you for my insanity,

But it's the truth.

Life has become even more harsh

Now that you no longer want me.

I just wanna be rid of this burden,

Move on and be free…