Four winters ago, Mouthwatering New York Cheddar Cheese

Four winters ago, Mouthwatering New York Cheddar Cheese

combined with a bundle of Pinot Noir grapes

created an aphrodisiac that made the body cravesex

on a throw rug in front of a fireplace.

She had found herself confronted by the rare sight if raw man

on a cold and unforgiving night in winter.

To ignite passion on that long night in winter…

She toyed with such an idea as Step one: New York Cheddar Cheese.

As she thought of him, that man

from three winters ago, He had held grapes

she remembered as she sat on her rocker near the fireplace

No wonder her thoughts turned so wantonly to sex

The man just dripped with it, sex-

appeal. A woman alone so many long nights in winter

So very alone, only the fireplace

to keep her warm. To find all her rations had

depleted except the bread, cheese

and frozen grapes

How could a woman such as she not be interested

by the sight of such a man.

Two winters ago, and again she saw that man,

only to be trapped in a web of lies and sex.

How erotic it was to eat those grapes

On those long nights in winter

For then they ate the cheese

while basking in the glow of the fireplace.

There he had left her to sleep, next to the fireplace

and returned to his wife, a faithful man.

As the time passed, the cheese

rotted and the memory of passionate sex

began to fade as snow faded at the end of winter.

Her lasting memory, he had held grapes

One winter ago, the lovers had died eating grapes

with that woman's ring less hand stretched out toward his body next to the fireplace

on that cold accursed winter.

He was nothing but a mere mortal man

who had once been gifted with sex-

appeal. As winter faded and the mice feasted upon rotted cheese,

and his wife made Belladonna grapes for her man

So she could sit in front of that fireplace where those lovers had had sex

on the cold winter night thinking "If only he'd eaten the cheese."