A Billion Dollar Catch

I looked into my body length mirror and started from the bottom up like I did every morning after getting ready for what the day was awaiting me. My toes were nicely manicured with a slight sparkle to them and my legs freshly shaven and as smooth as ever. They were long and lead up to my small but not to small of a waist. I had nice curves leading up my body and a nice fit frame. My nails had French tips done to them from about a week ago from my personal stylist. As I looked at my head I noted how good my curly hair was with a light bounce playing at the curls. The dark brown hair with a tint of highlights from the sun looked sheik and shiny. One thing was wrong though. It wasn't my green eyes that sparkled every time I looked into a magazine and saw Channing Tatum's face smiling back at me, or when I got a new pair of diamond earrings. Its wasn't my perfect straight white teeth, it was a frown playing at my lips. All thanks to my dear daddy.

My father is the owner of a business called Keegan and company. He had started it at the prime age of twenty three with a friend of his whom I call Uncle Richie. The business consists of selling Pharmaceuticals to different hospitals and pharmacies. With this business come a lot of money and a lot of fun for me. Through out my life I have had the finest of things from great cars to the best clothes. When I was little I didn't have a Barbie dream house for my little toys. I had a Minnie house in the back yard that consisted of two floors for all the house playing wonders that my heart could desire. My sister who is a year younger then me has been treated with the royalty also and we both eat it up with no complaint.

What I have just found out about my life makes me want to kill my father. I have been brought the news of taking over the business. Now don't get me wrong I would love to do that, it had been a dream of mine since I was three and gotten my first formal dress to wear to a big time party, that I would take up my fathers work and make what he does. It would mean that the money that my father would be making would go to me but there is a catch to that. I would have to-

"Harper!" My sister and life long friend Michelle sang out coming into my room and slamming the door behind her. She must be very hyper. She ran to my bed and spun before jumping onto it. I rolled my eyes at her and continued to look into the mirror. Michelle probed herself up on her elbows and watched me. "You are so into yourself." She sighed looking around my room at the posters on my wall. Her eyes stopped at John Cena her favorite wrestler.

I turned back to her and smacked near her attempting to hit her knowing that I couldn't because she was across the room form me. I laughed at my stupid attempt. "I don't find myself conceited, just confident." I smiled.

She got off my bed and walked over to me with her hands on her hips. "You say that every time and it just gets weirder every time." Maybe I do say that a lot. "Oh yes the reason why I am gracing you with my presences. Dad told Nancy to tell me to tell you that dinner with the Williams is really soon and you need to get ready." My sister told me this with a frown on her face and a sympathetic look thrown my way. I screeched and threw myself to the bed dramatically. Why! Why! Why!

I flipped onto my back and rubbed my hands over my face. "Are you shitting me with this crap?" I sat up and glared over to my younger sister. She shook her head and walked towards the door.

"You might want to dress nice like daddy told us to. It would save you a lot of hassle." I took mental note of that. A mantel note to embarrass my father with my attire. "I know that face. Well let me get out of here before you drag me into something that I clearly don't want to be apart of." Michelle smiled and left the room in a hurry without a second look back at me.

I closed the door and locked it before thinking about what to wear. It had to make a statement to everyone telling them that I was not happy at all about what was going on with this arrangement. Before walking over to my closet to find something to wear I went to my stereo and turned it on to a hip hop song. I blasted it in my room and then walked over to my walk in closet. I opened the door and walked into the closet that would be big enough for about two regular bedrooms. At one section were all my shoes that went from skater to stilettos. Another section had dresses and so on. I walked over to my party section and grabbed a short denim skirt and a belly tank top that was blood red. Think that this would make my dad mad? I then went to my shoes and grabbed high heels that matched my shirt in color. There was a wall mirror in the closet so I changed and then looked into it. After thinking for a moment I decided to change. My dad didn't deserve this. Instead of the belly shirt I choose a low cut shirt with a white tank top under it. I wasn't that nice to go change my whole outfit.

I wasn't a slut or anything if that's what some people think. I am just doing this to make a fool out of my dad in front of the Williams and hoping that they take back the offer that was set on the table after seeing me. When I decided that I didn't look like a total nympho I went to put on some makeup. There was a knock on my closet door and I turned my head to see Nancy the woman that had helped raise me when I was younger. My mother had died when I was four and my father had given her a raise from being a maid to being my nanny. Now that I am older she is here for my sister and I for when we need her. I smiled as she walked in and sat on the Carmel leather couch.

She tilted her head slightly and smiled over to me. "Hey hun." I returned the gesture and then sat next to her on the couch. "How have you been holding up with everything?" She asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and hung my head. "Hard I guess. How could someone take this news? I though it only happened to people in India or Princesses. Not that I am not one." I joked with a grin. Nancy let out a laugh and swatted my arm.

"You need to come downstairs. The Williams are here and your father has requested me to come and fetch you." I nodded and stood with her.

Before going downstairs I walked to my radio and turned it off. I motioned for Nancy to go on without me and then walked over to my bathroom. I dug through something in a cabinet and found liquor behind some mouthwash. Pouring a shot into a medicine measurer I took a quick Shot knowing that I would need it. When that was done with I used the Listerine to get rid of the taste and smell in my mouth then I brushed my teeth for extra effect. Looking myself over in the mirror once again I though I looked good enough to go downstairs. I passed through my room and found myself in my hallway. It was long and leaded to many rooms. When I got to the stairs I held onto the railing and let my hand slid gracefully down as I walked down the Elliptical Staircase. I had been doing this since I was able to reach it at the age of five. Hey I was a short kid. When I got to the bottom I head voices coming from the dining room and walked in that direction. Before going into the room I took a deep breath.

I gained bravery and stepped into the dining room. Everyone looked into my direction and their mouths hung slightly open. I ignored it and strutted in with my head held high. My father cleared his throat and I looked over to see it red and that little vain in his neck started to twitch out. I took a seat next to my sister at the end of the table.

"You're so dead." She mumbled out. I rolled my eyes and looked right at my father with a smirk.

He again cleared his throat and gave the guests a small smile. "Honey could you change into something more presentable." He was trying not to yell at me in front of people.

I took a second to think. "No." I then turned to the guests and smiled a huge fake smile. "My name is Harper." I introduced myself. A middle aged man with dark hair and dark eyes was sitting next to a woman with blond hair and what seemed to be very fake breasts. She had a nice smile though. I then looked at the young boy whom was sitting next to them. He looked to be about a year older then me, give or take. His eyes seemed to be locked onto my chest. This caused me to snap. "My face is up here!" I yelled out. Man did this kid have any knowledge! My father was sitting two seats away from me and he looks at my boobs! What an ass. If this was his idea of a first impression it wasn't going to well at all. My sister started to snicker and then I looked to my father who's vain was about to burst.

"I am sorry about my daughter, the news has caused her to become a little irritable." I sighed and leaned back into my chair. There he goes. Talking about me as if I am not even in the same room as him, let alone table.

The middle aged man smiled at me. "Understandable. You are a very pretty young lady." Ewww. Cue involuntary shudder please.

"Honey this is Kathy Williams and her husband Robert. And this fine young man is Chase." I looked over to Chase and glared. He had semi long hair about to his upper ears and it did a flips sort of thing like a skaters hair did. I could see the slight muscular build through his shirt and the smile that was playing on his lips.

He bobbed his head at me like some sort of greeting. "Pleasure to meet you." The words rolled off his tong like he was trying to say it all smooth and like he was some tuff shit.

I relaxed my glare a little and rolled my eyes looking away. "Wish I could say the same for you." He chuckled as his dad patted him on the back.

"You will have your hands full with this one, son." The table erupted into laughter, save us teens. I cleared my throat.

"The only way that he will have his hands anywhere near me is if I say okay on your little deal." The laughter clamed down and I had the attention of everyone in the room. I started to fidget a little. It's not my fault that I don't do well with pressure.

Chases father gave a confused look. "What do you mean?" He asked with some worry in his voice.

I sighed. I guess I should explain to you what is going on before I explain to this dumb ass what might not be happening for his son. My father has set me up on something. A marriage. The thing is if I want to inherit the family business then I need to marry. My father and Richie decided that their two oldest kids would go on to take over the business when they turned eighteen. A very big problem is that dear Uncle Richie didn't have any kids. That meant I was left with all the responsibilities. What I didn't know until recently was that two people needed to run the business together and my father wont trust just anybody to do so with me. The deal is I need to marry before taking his place as owner of Keegan and Company three months after my eighteenth birthday. I turned eighteen last week so the clock has started.

I did what any normal teenager would do and told my dad there would be no way in hell I was marrying someone that I didn't even know. He gave me a choice. I marry the guy or get cut off of everything. The money being number one. He wouldn't pay for me to go to college, and he wouldn't let me live at home. I would have to get a job and pay for my own things like normal people. That was another problem. I never have done that. Things were handed to me my whole life and I was content on things staying that way!

We came up with an agreement. If I don't fall in love with this guy in three months of being around him then my dad will put me through college and then I'm on my own with money. All ties cut off.

"If I don't fall in love with your son in three months then everything is off." Robert Williams made a face that looked a lot like my fathers.

"Honey will you go upstairs with your sister, bring Chase." I looked at my father with a confused look.

"What about din-"

"Go!" He boomed. I glared but stood. I really wanted my food! I got up from the table with the two other teens and we all made our way upstairs. As we walked Michelle went off to her room and I went to mine closing the door and then flopping onto the bed. Not five seconds later the door was opened again and in walked Chase. I sat up quickly and glared. Hmm I seemed to be doing that a lot today.

"Already on the bed and waiting for me I see." Chase started making his way towards me.

I dropped my mouth. "Stop right where you are! And who the hell do you think you are coming into my room like that and assuming things?" I yelled. He smiled and showed some dimples. That was at least cute.

He smirked and opted for a seat at a desk where my purple lap top was sitting. "Nice room." He said looking around. I looked around not really thinking. I loved my room. I had light purple walls and my bed had a dark purple comforter. There was a huge plasma TV and a canopy over my bed with an opening at the end. If you walk over to the far side from my door you push open two glass doors to my balcony that had a hot tub on it.

"yeah I live." I mumbled out like it was nothing just to show him I didn't care that he was talking. He opened up my lap top and turned it on. "What are you doing?" I asked walking over to him.

He shrugged his shoulders. "What does it look like? I was going to web search." I scoffed.

"Is that like man code for looking at porn? Cuz if it is please spar my virgin computer from any of your wild fantasy's." He scoffed at me

"Baby, I make all my fantasy's come true." He smirked looking me up and down. "And my next one is you and me on our wedding night." I slapped him over the head and sat at a chair next to him making sure he did nothing bad to my computer.

"If you want that to happen then I suggest that you change that attitude of your and become a gentleman. It's my choice for us to be together so pick what you say wisely." I challenged him to say something back but he laughed and went to my computer that had loaded.

He saw a picture that was the screen saver on my computer. "Who is that guy with his arms around your waist?" He asked looking at the group of people in the picture known as my friends.

I rolled my eyes. "A friend from school, why jealous?" I teased.

"Well his hands are on my future bride." He gave me a cheeky smile and I pretended not to hear that but change the subject.

"So Chase, you're just in this for the money am I right?" I asked with interest.

"Sort of. Not really though. I am already rich so there would be no reason for me to marry you. I'm doing this for my dad. He wants it bad and he has given me everything so I'm giving him this." I nodded thinking that was at least sweet for him to do.

"Don't you even care about love? I mean I want that fairy tail wedding looking into the eyes of my prince. Laugh all you want but that is what girls dream for." I sighed thinking that might not happen for me.

"People learn to love you know. And it doesn't seem like it now but you will love me Harper Keegan." He said looking at me with a serious face.

"How would you kno-"

Someone walked into the room and interrupted my question. It was Nancy. "Chase you parents request you downstairs." He nodded and stood.

"Good bye Harper." He kissed my hand and left the room. I wiped the back of my hand on my skirt then stood to Nancy. "What happened?" I asked knowing that she would have the dirt.

She smiled. "Well your father convinced Robert that everything would be fine and they made some plans I don't think you will be to happy with." She gave me a sympathetic look.

"What?" I asked with curiosity?

"You'll learn in time." She said then walked out of the room ignoring my yells of her name. Great! More surprises! How could this get worse?

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