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I felt a hand lightly running up and down my arm as I slept tangled in the sheets, my head resting on Chase's chest. I opened my eyes slowly and tilted my head up to see Chase staring at me. I smiled and he leaned down to kiss my lips softly and then turn to his side as he kept me in his arms. The wind blew the curtains from the window and the sun was shinning through into the room. From the window you could see the ocean and the beach right outside. We picked a great resort to stay at. It was pretty and low key. Not many people stayed here at once because they wanted it to be a nice secluded place for you and that special someone. It was only the third day here and the whole time we have been together. It's been a really fun time here and I will most definitely be sad when we have to leave to go home, but I don't need to worry about that now because were here for more then a week.

The first day here all we did was stay in the mini house with no interruptions. Since then we have been going out a seeing some things and doing different activities. Like we went scuba diving yesterday and saw nemo and dory. I of course flipped out, it was really bad when the shark came because I almost peed in the water and had to grab onto Chase for dear life until it swam away from us.

Today I think were just going to the beach and hanging out in the sun. I will not let Chase go into the deep part of the water though. I'm scared he will get eaten by a shark. Whenever i hear about a shark attack it happened in Australia. I'm a little paranoid, but that's okay.

"I think we should get up, it's already one." Chase pointed out as he spoke in my ear as I lay facing his chest.

I shook my head and held his tighter, "you're so comfy though and I'm nice and warm."

He let out a laugh and I felt as his chest moved from taking a breath. "Yes but now would be a good time to get to the beach." Ugh he had a point there. I stood from the bed with the sheet still around me and walked into the bathroom after grabbing some clothing. I took a quick shower and then slipped into my red bikini and put on some shorts and a white wife beater. I then brushed my hair and brushed my teeth. When I thought I was done I stepped out of the bathroom to give Chase a turn in it. An hour later we were sitting in the sun on the beach. The beach here in front of the resort is private to only the guests and right now no one was there so it was only us. There was a towel under us and a little umbrella to the side incase we got to hot then we could put it up. There was no life guard on watch right now so it made it more special because no one was there to see what we were doing.

"Harper lets go into the water," Chase said standing and grabbing my hand.

I shook my head as he pulled me up, "no it's going to be too cold."

He laughed and pulled me to where the waves were coming to our toes. I felt the water and jumped. "This is freezing!"

"Get over it," he said playfully and then pulled me more into it where a wave broke up to my thighs. I screamed.

"Chase this is crazy! I'm going to freeze here." He just laughed more and kept bringing me into the water. I finally pulled back and stuck my toes into the sand so he couldn't pull anymore.

"Fine well do it the hard way." He picked me up bridal style and held me above the water as he went up to his waist.

"Chase don't you dare drop me in!" I yelled clutching onto him. He shook his head and took a breath before going under with me in his arms. When we resurfaced I slapped his toned arm and swam away from him.

"God Chase, you're an asshole!"

He smiled and swam next to me kissing me on the lips. I of course kissed back.

"I'm, an asshole you love," he stated and then nipped at my ear. I gasped and shoved him away.

"No biting," I scolded. He let out a laugh and then made his way out of the water. I stayed in a little longer just laying there and then soon joined him on the towel.

"Chase, you know how we were put together just to have the business and the money from inheritance?"

He nodded going onto his elbows.

"Do you think we even need it?" He thought for a minuet.

"Wait, so what are you saying."

I sighed. "I'm saying that we know that now we love each other. I know you don't want to take over the business. And I know I don't want to either. We both want to go to college and do something that we like doing. We don't need all of it."

"So you think we should just let go of all of it?"

I nodded grabbing his hand. "None of that will make us happy, you know that. It drove my father to not be home at all with meetings at work and I don't want you to get like that once we have a family."

"I'm fine with it, but are you sure?" I nodded my head. "Well what would happen? The business would go down the drain with no one to run it."

"I though about that, Michelle can take over. I think from the start she has wanted to."

"But she needs to be married by eighteen," he said confused.

I smiled, "I'm sure Tristan wouldn't mind." He chuckled and nodded.

"He would go for that; wow my dad is going to be pissed. I don't care though. As long as were happy right?"

I nodded, "right."


So there's our story, three years later I would never think my life would be the way it is now. I'm currently going to UCLA with Chase and was living by the campus in our own small home. I can say that I have made major changes since I have been married. Now Chase and I will not accept money from anybody. We have money saved from our teen years that got us our home and we have enough to live comfortable for a while as long as we don't stop our jobs.

Chase is working in small construction when he's not doing school work or spending time with me. He is studying to be a doctor so he still has a few more years with college. Same with me though. I am working in a vet's office and trying to become an animal doctor. I have found that I love to work with animals. I would never think I would even have a job, I was certain I was going to get married and have my husband buy me everything but that all changed when I met Chase.

There is also an addition to the family. Caleb. He was a honeymoon baby and is now a little over two years old. He was a shock to everyone but we all love him. That means I have only been going to school a year while Chase has been going for three. I decided to take the school year off I was pregnant and then another one when the baby was born. Now he stays with Roxanna when I'm not in school.


Yeah well my dad and her mom got married and somehow we became friends after spending some time together. Roxanna doesn't work and she moved by us because she said she was going to miss us when we were gone.

Ben is doing great. He is dating a guy Marco for about two years now and there planning to get married soon. Sadly to say were not best friends any more. He left me for Caleb, my own son! He was granted the duty of being one of the two god fathers. Him and Tristan. Michelle is the godmother.

Speaking of Tristan and Michelle, there doing great. Married and running the family business. It took some time to convince her I really didn't want to do it and she then accepted the challenge. Tristan had no problem with it and now there doing great together. I don't know when kids will come into the picture but I don't think it will happen for a while. My father was pissed when he found out about us not wanting the business but then calmed down when i told him about Michelle and Tristan taking over. I think now were closer then ever.

Chases father was not happy at all. They haven really ever been close but now they barley talk. Sometimes they do like on holidays but we barley go over to see him. It's usually when he wants to see Caleb.

I think that over all my life so far turned out good. I know that things will happen in the future and it will be hard to keep a relationship that started off when we were so young but it's easy to love Chase and I know I don't want to spend my life with anyone else.

It's over!!

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