I will carry on... without you Losing someone hurts. Losing someone you love is painful. Losing someone you love with all your heart, losing your guide, your 'rock in the storm'... is just... agonizing.

Again, 'K'... I miss you. You're in the best place... for the worst reason.


I close my eyes as I nod my head
The truth is told, the truth is said
Behind shut lids do burn tears
Sorrow spills over as do my fears
I will not cry, no, that will not do
You never liked tears, now, did you?
But never again will I hear
That quiet voice of yesteryear
That whispered softly, comforting and kind
Easing, soothing a troubled mind
Never again will I see
That beautiful face before me
So full of love, so full of life
Unmarred by worry, strain or strife
Never again will I feel
That gentle touch that would heal
Wounds and scars; or broken hearts
Shattered, tattered and torn apart
I open my eyes, do I see you there?
Peering at me from upon the stair
Or does my mind itself deceive
For with tired eyes I do perceive
You sitting there, across from me
In the chair that was now empty
No, it is not you, just my mind
Playing tricks, cruel and unkind
You are dead and gone, buried deep
Resting peacefully in eternal sleep
While I lie awake… mourning for you.

I am the survivor. You are gone
I am left behind, I will hold on
Come what may, I will be strong.

I am the survivor.