Shadows grow before my eyes
and my ears pick up sounds of the deep
My mouth parts in shallow breaths,
My breathing slows.

I see in front of me,
A dirty mix, a combination of—
Pain, misery, anguish…and life.
Life, a road stretched before me,
I don't know which path to take,
But willingly let my winds shove me—
into whichever one is safe.

The sun is rising, the day begins
My breathing slows ever still…

My eyes, I believe deceive me
My ears, I think betray me
My senses falling apart, shattering
and my sixth sense is born
From the dampness in my heart's abyss:
A sense of dread, a celebral sense of wonder…
Intuition, logic, reasoning.

The sun reaches its zenith
And my sixth sense conquers my heart.

Spoken words are not uncommon,
To be found false, empty, fancy
So my mouth remains slightly parted,
I breathe out my soul…
My voice remains unheard, unused
Useless in life, wanting to deviate—
from the paths in this heavy-trodden road.
My sixth sense grows into a shadow,
And becomes the tyrant ruler of all.

The day is dead, once and for all
My breathing stops, forevermore.