Hi. This will just be a collection of the pieces of writing I do at school as part of my Professional Writing and Editing course. Most of the pieces are only very short and focus on different elements of writing. A lot of them don't even have plots; we were just given scenarios and asked to write about them. The scenario will be at the top of the page, is bold italics.

I'll be posting the pre-written ones once a week I think, if I have the time, which I should. Then after that I'll try and post as we do them.

Thanks for taking the time out to read them. I only ask that you leave a review when you're done. As you all know, I can't become a better writer without good, solid constructive criticism. No flaming mind you, because that's not productive at all.

Okay, hope you enjoy!

- Marie a.k.a. Lady Knight 1512