The vessel slowly breaks around me
Clay prison that held for so long
Fingers of daylight reach in and caress
Flesh long accustomed to darkness
Starbursts ignite in my mind

I have heard stories of blind men
Blessed with vision, cured, given sight
I imagine this is how they must have felt

It is as if my hands have been forever numb
And suddenly, a veil of sensation lifts
Life embraces the living moment and they twirl together
Dancing across fields of light and color
I can finally feel the touch of those I love
Then murmuring thrum of the world bursts
Into an incandescent song all around

The smell of crumbling earth,
All around me, murky and thick,
The lingering grasp of winter
Mingles with the scent of spring rain
And inhaling through the cracks in my shell
As the pieces of earthenware fall away slowly
And my being is finally allowed to stretch itself
Fear shatters into reverence and light
And my old nature, for a brilliant, fleeting moment
Is cast aside like an empty shell

I wonder if this is what death will feel like...