Late Night, Come Home

Embry's bright green eyes follow the patterns and curves the rainwater makes on the glass of the kitchen's window; the cup of hot chocolate between his palm warms his skin, and the radiator heats up the fabric of his baggy jeans

Embry's bright green eyes follow the patterns and curves the rainwater makes on the glass of the kitchen's window; the cup of hot chocolate between his palm warms his skin, and the radiator heats up the fabric of his baggy jeans. The nineteen-year-old could be comfortable but he's not, no matter how much effort he tries to put into feeling content. Embry brings the hot cup to his lips and takes a sip, careful not to burn his tongue with the still scalding chocolate-milk, and squints out of the window.

His spirits momentarily rise as he thinks he sees a familiar figure running towards the apartment building, but then the person lowers the umbrella they are holding, and Embry slumps down, defeated, puffing out.

"Where are you…" he says to no one, and suddenly annoyed with his dependence on others, and with the way he gets lonely and worried if Felix came home a little later than usual, Embry takes a huge swig from his mug; his throat and mouth burns, and hitting the mug to the table, the young man runs to the sink and dunks his head under the tap and tries to get as much cold water into his mouth as he can. As the stinging subsides, Embry frowns at himself and wipes his face into a washcloth; he doesn't bother to squeeze the excess water from the tips of his bangs.

The blond doesn't feel like drinking anymore of hot chocolate, and winces a little at the slight stinging sensation on his tongue. Instead, he sighs deeply, resting his chin on his palm and goes back to following the patters of the rain.

Felix's shift at the café normally ends at 7:00 pm and he's home by 7:40, but – Embry glances at the time on this cell phone – it's already 8:23 pm and Felix is no where in sight.

Maybe there's been trouble at the café, Embry thinks and gnaws at his lower lip, his fingers fidgeting slightly. Or he missed his train… twice, which could be very probable since it was Felix who was in question. Embry smiled small yet fond smile; yeah, that'd be something Felix could do.


Felix shakes his head, the long strands of orange and red splattering water all over the tiny entrance hall of his and Embry's apartment; he kicks his soaked Converses haphazardly on the wooden shoe rack – something Embry had insisted on buying when he had moved in a year ago – and throws his equally wet coat to the bathroom's general direction (he's never been an exactly tidy person anyway).

It's 11:57 pm and Felix curses the weather: he would've been home hours ago, comfortably warm under thick blankets with a cup of black coffee, had the city been in complete disarray, thanks to the nearing storm and the rain heavier than ever before. The redhead doesn't shout out his greetings like he normally would; he knows Embry must've tried to stay up and wait for him, but Felix also knows Embry can barely stay up 'till 11 pm.

And the waiter isn't surprised to see his younger boyfriend fast asleep, his head cradled on his arms as Embry has slumped over the kitchen's table. There's a half-empty mug of now cold hot chocolate next to his head and a thin string of drool at the corner of his mouth. Felix can't help but smile lopsidedly at the sight; Embry really was an insufferably idiot.

Reluctantly, Felix walks over to the blond man and bends down to whisper into his ear and threads his long fingers absentmindedly through thick blond locks. Embry stirs, and opens one groggy green eye; Felix grins and pulls him into a sitting position.

"I'm home," he says amusedly as Embry rubs his eyes and yawns, before he sobers up somewhat and seems to notice Felix for the first time.

"Where on earth were you?" he asks. Felix kneels down in front of him and leans on his thighs, his long red hair contrasting against the stark black of Embry's jeans. Embry takes on strand between his fingers, and loves the silky texture of it – he loves playing with Felix' hair, and he knows Felix likes it too when he tangles his fingers into it.

Felix yawns. "The trains didn't move an inch anywhere because of the storm." He scratches the bridge of his nose and looks up at Embry. "Well, aren't you going to welcome me home?" he goes on with a mischievous glint in his eyes and Embry grins before bending down and pressing his lips against Felix's. It feels strange to be the taller one of the two for once, Embry thinks, but all further thought escapes his mind when Felix's lips connect with his.

Felix cups Embry's other cheek with his palm and smiles into the kiss as the other sighs at the contact; their lips move against each other in an almost chaste manner, and Felix can taste the lingering flavour of hot chocolate on Embry's mouth. They part after a few seconds, but Felix gives Embry a loud smack on the cheek before getting up and pulling Embry on his feet with him. The still sleepy boy swoons a bit, and Felix chuckles and wraps his arm around Embry's waist.

"Let's go to bed, yeah?" he says and Embry nods sleepily.

As soon as they make it to the bedroom, Embry falls back asleep while sitting on the edge of the bed and Felix thoroughly enjoys undressing his sleeping boyfriend.



a/n: Well there it is, my first proper story including my original characters Felix van Arden and Embry Ellis. This piece wasn't situated into the universe they really belong to, buuut - I felt like writing them like this. Hope you enjoyed!