AN: I would like to dedicate this story to my best friend Ms. Critic. For giving the insperation to write this.

The Adventures of Handsome Hero

Handsome Hero was a very handsome man, who decided to save the world one day. So he set out on his quest to find the Evil One, with his best friend Stupid Sidekick, or Stu, as he liked to be called.

They traveled many cold nights, and just as many hot days, until they came to a large dark city known as Large Dark City. They walked through the city to the center where the Evil One's large dark castle was. Handy (which he was called by his friends), and Stu looked up at the huge castle that was before them. Suddenly they heard a woman's scream coming from one of the towers, it was Damsel Distress! (Whom Handy had had a crush on since first grade) Sneaking around to the back of the castle, they stealthily entered through the back door. They quietly walked up a staircase. Once they reached the top of the tower, they charged into the tower room swords drawn. Inside, Damsel was standing on a table, and there was a mouse on the floor in front of her. Stu screamed, dropped his sword, and jumped up on the table next to her. She smiled sheepishly at Handy and said, "I wasn't really afraid of the mouse, he just surprised me that's all."

"Whatever you say Dame." said Handy, and he really meant it.

"I wasn't scared either," said Stu, "I was uh, just making sure that Dame was ok."

"Right." said Handy and Dame together, unconvinced.

"What are you doing here anyways?" Stu asked Dame as they both climbed off the table.

"I could ask you the same thing." she replied.

"You first." said Handy while helping her.

"Fine." she said, "My father sent me here to spy on the Evil One, he's started gathering a large dark army, and with it he intends to take over the world!"

"Then it's a good thing we came, because we're here to save the world!" Said Handy proudly.

"You're too late." said a sinister voice from the shadows, and out stepped none other than the Evil One himself! "I've already taken over the world! Ha ha ha!"

"You'll never get away with this!" said Handy as he pointed his sword at the Evil One.

"Oh, I think so." he said as the door to the tower burst open and several guards ran in. "Kill them all." said the Evil One as he left through the open door. Stu reached down for his sword, but Dame was faster. She snatched it up quickly and started fighting the first two guards that had entered the room. Handy soon joined her, and Stu practiced his karate on the rest of the guards (which was a good idea, because he could use some practice).

The three of them slowly made their way out of the room and down the stairs. As he made it to the bottom of the stairs, Handy spotted the Evil One put of the corner of his eye. Handy quickly followed him, until they entered a room with a large dark hole in the middle.

The Evil One turned around slowly. "You could join me." he said, "come to the large dark side, I would spare your friends."

Handy listened to the fighting in the other room, and even though they where hopelessly outnumbered, it sounded like Dame and Stu were winning. "No!" he said, "I'll never join you, you killed my father!"

"No Handy," said the Evil One, "I am your-"

"Wait, wait!" said Handy, "you can't say that, it's already been used!"

"Are you sure?" asked the Evil One. Handy nodded. "Well gosh darn it! That was going to be my big line! Well yes, I did kill your father!"

"You did?! Ahh! Do you have any idea how expensive funerals are?" asked Handy angrily.

"Yes..." said the Evil One sinisterly, "Yes I do! Ha ha ha!"

"I will avenge you father!" shouted Handy before throwing his sword away and tackling the Evil One. The Evil One dropped his own sword and soon the both of them where rolling around on the ground wrestling. As their fighting continued, they started rolling closer to the large dark hole in the middle of the room. They soon got too close, and with a flip, Handy found himself hanging over the edge holding on to the Evil One.

"You're finished." said the Evil One evilly.

"No I'm not!" said Handy, "You are!" and with that he flipped himself up over the Evil One and pushed him over the edge into the large dark hole. "NOOOO!!" screamed the Evil One as he fell down, down, down, until he hit the bottom in a crumpled heap ten feet below. Handy picked up both his and the Evil One's sword. He ran into the other room, tossed Stu a sword, and started fighting along side the others. The guards soon realized that their leader was missing, and they all ran away screaming.

"We did it!" said Stu.

"We've won!" said Dame.

"Hooray!" said Handy, who then hugged Dame.

All three of them ran out of the large dark castle and shouted, "We did it. We saved the world!"

Handy stood up on a nearby box and shouted "Peoples of Large Dark City! The Evil One is defeated! You are all free!" Everyone in the city cheered, and then went back to what they were doing.

After that Handy, Stu, and Dame fixed the tattered world, and sentenced the Evil One to one hundred years community service. The three of them then went home, and Handy and Dame got married, and Stu got a life. And they all lived happily (except for the Evil One who had to do community service) ever after.

The End.