Before the accident I was a fairly normal person. After the car accident I was about as far from normal as it is possible to be. I had a normal life, a husband, job, nice house, nice car, nice life. Then after fifteen minutes of pain filled confusion it was all over.

The car was destroyed. My husband could not deal with the deformity of my face. I left him to his nice life and his nice house. Yes, I was angry. The bastard left me two days after an almost fatal car crash because my face was going to be permanently scarred.

I used to be pretty, not a model or anything, just pretty. I was five foot six with light brown hair that came down softly to just below my shoulders, pretty silvery gray eyes, high cheek bones, and full lips. I was thin without being too thin.

After the accident I had a jagged lightening bolt of a scar that ran from the corner of my left eye to just below my jaw bone. It was ugly, but if my husband A.K.A. the bastard, had really loved me he could never have left me.

I have moved home to live with my mother. She loves me unconditionally, I love her the same. She has done her best to get me out of the house, but I can't stand the look of fear on children's faces. They think I'm a freak. Since the accident, I think I'm a freak too.

I've stayed locked up in this house for a year now. The hate for my ex-husband festering inside me like a living growing thing. I called a plastic surgeon here who specializes in severe facial trauma. I have an appointment later today. My mother is taking me, before we left home, I made sure to wrap a scarf around my hair and face as much as I could to hide my scars.

We made it to the office with no one noticing me. It felt so nice to not be ridiculed for being out in public. Dr. Carlton James had been in practice for more than twenty years and he explained to us that he only took on the most difficult cases, and amazingly the most fantastic results.

He assured me that through a series of surgeries he could give me an even better face than the one I had before. I jumped at the opportunity. My first surgery was to be one week from now. He promised to make me whole again and I believed him.

The first surgery was a complete success, the scar line was completely gone in some places and barely noticeable in others. My skin looked completely different. The second and final surgery took more than eighteen hours to complete.

It took me over two months to have the bandages removed and I could not wait to see what magic he had worked.

Slowly Dr. James removed the bandages, when he finished he handed me a mirror. Oh my God! The shock I felt at what I was seeing. The gray eyes were the same, the full lips the same, the high cheek bones were more defined, more beautifully sculpted, my jaw line was softer, more feminine, there was an almost oriental exotic slant to my eyes. I did not look like the same woman that had that horrendous car accident. I was gorgeous. I did not even recognize myself. He had made me be beautiful.

I started crying, I could not help myself, my face was such a shock! I hugged the doctor and thanked him profusely. He told me to go and enjoy my new face and to never look back on the horror I had endured. I took him up on his advice.

As soon as I left the office, I went on a shopping spree, I bought the most gorgeous red short form fitting dress I could find, after adding some jewelry and knock out spiked red heels, I went home to get ready for my first night out in over a year.

My mother was in awe as I walked down the stairs with my new face and clothes.

"Have a good time sweetheart, you deserve it." She said as I walked out to my jet-black Corvette convertible.

I went to a popular downtown bar and club that my husband and I used to frequent. I had been sitting at the bar nursing a white wine spritzer for about an hour, brushing off numerous come-ons from men when I saw the man I wanted enter the crowded bar.

He was tall, darkly tanned, with brilliant blue eyes, and sparkling white teeth. His body under his dark gray suit screamed lean and muscular, pure animal magnetism. He caught me staring at him and made his way over to me.

"Hi, mind if I buy you a drink?" He asked casually. "My name's Jake by the way."

"Well, you know Jake, I'm about done drinking tonight, so why don't we just go back to your place." I said in a low moan.

His eyebrow raised and he said, "Lead the way, I'll be right behind you."

We walked out to the parking lot where he opened the door to a vintage Mercedes coupe.

As we sped through the hills, I kissed his neck, running my hand suggestively up and down his thigh. I could feel his excitement. When we reached his huge house, he carried me up the stairs and lay me on his massive king size bed, he slowly removed my clothes, all the while whispering how beautiful I was. He covered me with his amazing body and we made love like we had been lovers forever. He was amazing.

He fell asleep with his head on my breast. I slipped quietly out of the bed and quickly found the items I was looking for, belts to secure his wrists and ankles, and a wicked looking knife I found in the kitchen.

Before he awoke, I had him neatly spread eagled on his bed. At first he thought I wanted to play some kinky game, I ruined that illusion fast by showing him the gleaming steel blade that was held behind my back.

"You know Jake, you never asked my name, you might not be in this situation right now if you had...does the name Natalie Breakman mean anything to you? It should you were married to her for five years. You left the old Natalie, but it seemed to me earlier that the new Natalie suits you just fine."

Jake gasped, "You can't be my ex-wife, you don't look anything like her and her face was ruined in a car crash, I couldn't bear the sight of her."

"Well, Jake, welcome to the world of modern plastic surgery. I've decided to try it out myself actually, but I need someone to practice on. I loved you so much, Jake, would have done anything for you, but you left me because of a scar and I hate you more than I thought it would ever be possible to hate anyone, you pathetic bastard. Now it's my turn."

Late into the night you could hear the screams coming from Jake Breakman's home. The benefit of living in the country is that there's no one around to hear you scream.

Natalie sliced her name into every square inch of his body that she could reach, he was completely awake until the very end when he died from severe blood loss. In Natalie's eyes he still had not suffered as much as she had, but he had come damned close. She took a shower, changed into some of her old clothes, doused the house in gasoline and lit a match as she was walking out the door.

After all, that part of her life was over and it was time for a new beginning.