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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL!?" Ethan and Bret Shirawaka said together. The two teenage boys were standing in their father's company office and talking to their advisor.

"I'm afraid so, my dear boys. That's the only way to inherit the company." The old man was shrugging apologetically. Ethan seemed about to explode while Bret was deep in thought. Ethan and Bret were similar and you could tell they were twins, but they were also very different. They were both the same height and structure, but Ethan had blonde, spiky, long hair and deep blue eyes, with a serious face. He almost always was angry. The advisor had never seen him smile in all the time he had known him. Meanwhile Bret was almost the complete opposite, with brown, spiky, long hair, light brown eyes, with a jolly looking face. He almost never stopped smiling. The advisor sighed inwardly. Such complete opposites, he thought, how could they have been related?

"So where have you put us then?" Bret suddenly asked. In his regular clothes of a white t-shirt with, purple jeans and white trainers, complete with a purple cap turned backwards, he seemed completely relaxed. Ethan however, was angry. In his red t-shirt, covered with a black jean jacket and wearing black jeans, shoes and cap turned backwards, he was the image of anger.

"Well actually errrr...we got a letter from the Surreal School for the Exceptionally Gifted. They seem to be interested in you and that you seem to have some special talents." The two 16 year old boys exchanged glances. Did they know? they wondered.

"Then let's set off immediately!" Ethan stared incredulously at Bret. What is wrong with him?he wondered, was he actually for the school idea? Ethan followed Bret outside.

"Hold on a minute! Are you seriously gonna go along with this madness! We've gotten along fine without school. Why the change now?" Bret just smiled.

"C'mon it could be fun! And we need the change" Ethan's face looked like a black thundercloud. Bret raised his hands up defensively.

"Ok, I'll comprimise. If you don't survive the first week, then you can go home. Fine?" Bret raised his hand invitingly. Ethan shuffled his feet for few seconds, undecided, then took it.

"Fine..." He mumbled. Bret jumped up happy.

"Alright! Tommorow we set out for school!" Bret shouted. Ethan looked gloomy.

"God help me!" He begged.