REVIEWS PPLZ! I don't know whether I should continue...(cause I havent written for AGES!)

"Oh man..." Bret moaned. He somersaulted in the air again, flailing his arms uselessly.

"How can you have not gotten the hang of flying yet?!" Ethan sighed. He was flying on his back, cruising along effortlessly, looking bored. Bret glared at him.

"Easy for you to say" He swerved badly to dodge another cloud. Luckily for the two of them, today's sky was clear. Bret tried to restabilise himself.

"Let's double back" Ethan said. He turned himself and zoomed off. Soon he was simply a dot in the blue distance. Bret swore.

"Hey! Wait for me!" he shouted.

"Rooar!!" The flaming shell that covered Drake exploded. David raised his hands and threw up a quick energy shield as scorching orange flames smashed into him. There was a sick burning smell as the smoke cleared.

"Drake..." David removed his hands from his vision and gasped. He certainly has grown, he thought.

"How do you like me now!?" Drake smiled a big sharp toothed smile. He had fully transformed...into a Dragon. He looked just like your average dragon (you know big, sharp teeth, huge scaly red wings, big claws and smoky looking red eyes), except he had not one, but two pairs of wings. As well as that he was rapidly growing to full size.

"Watch this!" Drake boomed. He opened his massive jaws. Preparing to swallow the fireball (although I should call it a meteor fireball).

"He...he transformed into a...a...a DRAGON!!" Bret had finally caught up with Ethan. Ethan punched him.

"Ow! What was that for?" Bret said sourly, rubbing his arm. Ethan pointed downward, at the descending fireball.

"Don't state the obvious. And in case you haven't noticed...there's a hurtling fireball heading straight towards, if I'm not mistaken, David and...Drake?" Ethan replied. Bret peered closer.

"Oh...the hurtling fireball" Bret said. Ethan smirked. Suddenly there a fizzing, crackly noise and Ethan's legs reappeared.

"Uh oh!" he muttered. He was suspended in the air for a few seconds, then gravity took over and he fell. Fast. Towards the fireball.

"Why me?" he said.