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Calling Hawk woke up the next morning to the yells of playing children. It was so nice to finally be back home. He would probably be sent away in a week or two, to help the Arapaho, but for now he was quite content. Katherine was still asleep, her head resting on Calling Hawk's outstretched arm. He slipped out his arm from under her head successfully without waking her. He first went to stoke the fire. Winter was coming quickly and it was important to keep the tipi warm at all times.

Glancing at Katherine one last time he stepped out of the tipi. She was in a deep sleep by the looks of it, and Calling Hawk didn't believe that she would be up any time soon. The moment he stepped out off his house he was bombarded by small children. They were running through the village playing one of Hawk's childhood games.

When the children passed, some yelling to Calling Hawk as they passed, Calling Hawk walked over to Brown Elk's hut laughing. Brown Elk was sitting just outside his tipi sharpening his axe. He looked up when Calling Hawk sat down across of him.

"So, how was she?" He asked. Calling Hawk sat cross legged.

"What do you mean? She is fine. She is sleeping right now, so I cant go to far." He said. He rested his arms on his thighs and held his head up with his hands.

"No, how was she last night. Are whites the same as Cheyenne woman?" Brown Elk asked and blew over the blade of his axe before returning to sharpening.

"I don't know yet." Calling Hawk said in a hushed voice. He didn't want many people to know he had spent the night with a young white woman in his bed, and hadn't touched her.

"Couldn't get her legs spread?" Brown Elk asked crudely but kept his voice as quiet as Calling Hawk. Calling Hawk smiled softly, he knew he'd get hell from Brown Elk until he finally took Katherine, but he knew Brown Elk would keep quiet for his friends sake.

"She was scared is all. I'll have her with in the week." He said and turned his head to look around the village. People were just beginning to start to move around. He saw his father come out of his and Calling Hawk's mother tipi. His father looked at Calling Hawk a moment before walking in the opposite direction.

"Things still rocky with your father?"

"He didn't want me to keep Katherine." Calling Hawk bit out bitterly.


"Only the Great Spirits know. He is still angry with me."

"He will come around. I think your whites awake." He said and Calling Hawk frowned at him. She had been in such a deep sleep, how would he know?

"You think this why?" He asked.

"Well her head is poking out of your tipi." Calling Hawk whipped his head around to see a white head framed by light brown hair looking out from the door of his house. He was close enough to be able to see her eyes scanning around the village nervously. Her eyes found his and stopped. Calling Hawk saw the question on her face and smiled. He motioned with his hands for her to go inside. Her head disappeared behind the skin door and Calling Hawk looked back to Brown Elk.

"I need to go get her something to eat." Calling Hawk said rising. "You wont say anything right, about-"

"About what?" He cut him off, the stern blankness never leaving his face.

"Thanks Elk." Calling Hawk said and slapped him on the back.

Calling Hawk didn't have time to go hunt so he popped his head into the tipi to check on Katherine.

"Stay here. I will be back in a few minutes." He said slowly and pointed at the ground, doing his beast to indicate that he did not want her to leave the tipi. She nodded at him and spoke. It was a short word what ever she said and Calling hawk believed she understood, and was trying to convey this to him.

He left the tipi and jogged towards the river. Many of the children tried to get him to join in with them, but he declined.

"Maybe later!" He called out to them.

He tried to catch fish quickly to get back to Katherine but the quicker he tried to fish, the longer it took. The longer it took, the more frustrated he got, and the more frustrated he got, the longer it took. He finally got two large with and quickly broke its spine, not wanting to make the animal suffer.

When Calling Hawk made his way back into his tipi Katherine had her hair down and was brushing her hair with her fingers.

"Hello." He said and sat down next to her. "Hello?" He said and looked at her. She looked as him and he moved his hand, palm towards her and waved across his body in the traditional Cheyenne greeting, trying to show her the meaning. She looked at him her forehead crinkling. "Hello." He said again and did a small wave, and many times, instead of a single, broad wave his people did.

"Hello" She said. Calling Hawk smiled and leaned towards. She flinched at first but Calling Hawk was pleased when she allowed him to place a soft kiss to the side of her mouth. He sliced open the fish and heard Katherine's involuntary intake of breath. The look of absolute disgust covered her face as the insides came spilling out over the slimy skin of the deceased fish. Calling Hawk laughed and continued to cut into the fish.

Katherine continued to watch him for a few moments, before turning away to reach for her shoes. Calling Hawk was aware she was putting on her shoes and he positioned the fish over the fire, placing the bones aside. He would give those to his little sister. She was always making decorations for their mother and fathers tipi.

He let the fish cook and he turned to look as Katherine. She was sitting to his right looking around the tipi. He moved closer to her and placed his hand on her neck. Her skin was warm, and soft. She looked up at him with wide eyes. "I wont hurt you. I promise." He said and brought his other hand up to hold her face in his. She tried to pull back but Calling Hawk held her. Anger and frustration bubbled up inside him. Why was she making things so difficult. She only had to give in and accept her new life and she would be happy.

He pushed her onto her back and lay over her. She looked around nervously with her eyes swelling with tears but she did nothing to fight him. He wasn't planning on taking her, and he wished he could tell her that and have her understand. It would be difficult to teach her their language. Most whites had trouble pronouncing their words, but in time she would understand.

He brushed her hand out of her face and placed a kiss to her mouth. He continued to kiss her until she relaxed and allowed him to enter her mouth. He placed his hands on her knees and hiked her skirt up to her hips. He heard her moan into his mouth in protest but he continued. He brought one hand down to her shoulder and gently pushed on the shirt to reveal a creamy shoulder. He moved his head to that and kissed and sucked lightly on the skin. Her hands grabbed onto his shoulders and switched on and off from pulling him closer and pushing him away.

He began to undo the buttons on her shirt and she offered no resistance. Calling Hawk felt over come with excitement when he got the first few buttons done. He was about to pull back to open her shirt when-

"Calling Hawk what are you- woah!" Calling Hawk pulled back from Katherine and looked towards the opening of his tipi. Dancing Fox was starring wide eye at the two of them and Calling Hawk felt like he could have killed him.

"Dancing Fox-"

"You move fast." Dancing Fox said and the diversion gave Katherine the time to slip out from under him.

"I'm going to kill you." He said and Dancing Fox laughed nervously.

"Um, well I will leave you two alone. Eagle Eye just wanted me to tell you that Sara was asking for Katherine. I'll tell him you two are…busy. Have fun." he said and ran from the tipi over to Eagle Eye.

Calling Hawk looked over to see Katherine rubbing her lips together. He cursed at the lost opportunity and went back to the fish, flipping them over on the hot coals. "Come here." He said and motioned for her. She did as she was told and came to sit next to him.

He picked up a fish and handed it to Katherine. He picked up his own and began to pull the tender flesh away from the fish. He placed a piece into his mouth and looked over at Katherine. She was staring at the fish, and looking around in confusion. What was she looking for?

She spoke to him and made a stabbing motion at the fish. "No." He said and reached for the fish. He ripped out a piece and pushed it past her lips. Katherine pulled back and began to chew. They ate in silence, unable to have a conversation.

When they were finished Calling Hawk pulled Katherine out of the Tipi and off to find Eagle Eye. He would teach her important Cheyenne words. So she would know what he was saying to her.

"Eagle Eye." He said. Eagle Eye was sitting around a fire pit, that was not lit, with Sara, Brown Elk, Dancing fox, and Little Bear.

"Calling Hawk." he said in return.

"I want you to teach her our language." He said sitting down next to Brown Elk. He gave Dancing Fox the death glare as he sat.

"Right now?" Eagle Eye asked.

"Well, soon. Before tonight." he said and looked over at Katherine who was sitting close to his side.

"I'll take her and her sister out into the fields in a few minutes," Eagle Eye said. "Will you be coming?" Calling Hawk thought for a moment and shook his head.

"No. I need to help Fighting Wolf with his bow."

"What! You are still going to help him!" Eagle Eye barked, outraged. Calling Hawk was only dimly aware of Katherine's arms circling around his.

"I said I would. I wont go back on that." Calling Hawk said.

"Fine." Eagle Eye said. When the others left Calling Hawk, and Eagle Eye remained along with Sara and Katherine.

"Anything you want me to teach her?" He asked.

"teach her to say, 'I am hungry', 'yes' and 'no'. Those are important. Anything else I guess is up to you. Oh, and how to say my name in our language."

"Not, 'oh please, please touch me there!'" Eagle Eye laughed and Calling Hawk swung playfully for his head.

"I don't think she would appreciate that." Calling Hawk said.

"Alright, alright." Eagle Eye said.

Calling Hawk turned to look at Katherine and held her face in his hands. He placed a chaste kiss to her lips before leaving her with Eagle Eye. Calling Hawk walked though the village looking for Fighting Wolf.

"Calling Hawk!" He heard and looked over at the kids playing. "It's later." They called and Calling Hawk laughed.

"Give me a stick!" he said and jogged over to them. They handed him the stick he usually ended up playing with. It was longer than most, three feet, and had a smaller cloth pocket at top. "Ok, whose team am I on?" Calling Hawk asked while he removed his leggings. The boys all began shouting at once and Calling Hawk laughed. "Ok, who has the most players?"

"Fighting Bear!" A boy called and pointed at the fifteen year old. He answered with a frown.

"Alright, I'll be on Calling Crow's team." Calling Hawk said and stood when he removed his leggings. "Whose ball?"

"Ours, since they have you." Said Sturdy Branch. With that they all got into their places and the charred ball of wool was in the air, being passed between the sticks. Calling Crow's team won hands down. With Calling Hawk he was taller, stronger, and faster than all the young Cheyenne boys and no one was a poor sport about it. The children were just happy they had an actual warrior who would play games with them. Most just brushed them off and went about playing their own games.

"Ok he's on our side next time!" They said about three hours later, when they decided to call it to an end.

"I'll be on the team that has the least number of players. How about that." Calling hawk said and some kids groaned, and they all dispersed.

"Have fun?" Calling Hawk turned to see Fighting Wolf standing next to his leggings, where he had placed them.

"Yes, I did." He answered tightly and picked up his leggings harshly.

"Will you help me now then?" He asked.

"Why do you even want my help?" Calling Hawk asked standing up after putting his leggings back on.

"I am worried we will need to use our bow for the challenge. I think it will be a multi-day challenge." Fighting Wolf said.

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to help you get the girl, that my best friend wants?" Calling Hawk looked at him blankly for a moment before nodding.

"Yeah, That's pretty much it."

"I don't know." Calling Hawk said.

"You already agreed. And think of it like this. I will be going on this little mission to get the Arapaho princess back. It would be a good skill to have." He said his face hard.

"Alright, but only for real battle, I am not helping you for the challenge." Calling Hawk said walking towards his lodge. Fighting Wolf fallowed and slung his arrows behind his back. Calling Hawk stepped just inside his lodge and picked up his bow and arrows. He went back and walked past Fighting Wolf, who was waiting for him with out a word.

"The woods are that way, my friend." Fighting Wolf said looking behind himself confused.

"I want to check on Katherine." He replied, but her name still came out of his mouth as "kath-run".

"Ah, your white." Fighting Wolf said and quickened his pace to catch up with Calling Hawk. When he was by his side he spoke again. "What is it like?"

"What is what like?"

"Having a white." Calling Hawk looked over at Fighting Wolf.

"I don't understand what you mean."

"Are they different?" Fighting Wolf asked.

"Well, obviously." Calling Hawk said. Fighting Wolf fell silent and Calling Hawk looked out into the miles of fields before him and looked at the three people sitting on the flat land. Eagle Eye was sitting with his back to the village and Katherine directly in front of him. Sara was sitting next to Katherine.

Again, Calling Hawk felt another sting of anger and jealousy well up inside him. Katherine was speaking to Eagle Eye, in what looked like an in depth conversation. She was waving her hands around and even from the distance Calling Hawk could see the smile on her face. Sara was holding her hand over her mouth and giggling. When Eagle Eye threw his head back and laughed Calling Hawk turned and walked to the woods.

His steps were heavy and he felt like he wanted to shoot some arrows with Fighting Wolf now. When they got into the woods Fighting Wolf stopped Calling Hawk.

"This is fine. I do not want to go to far out…are you ok?" He asked and Calling Hawk turned harshly on him.

"She's mine! She should be talking to me like that not him!" He yelled and Fighting Wolf looked around a moment.

"Why is she with him." He asked.

"I can not speak their language. I want him to teach her." Calling Hawk answered. "But she doesn't speak to me like that. You saw her just now. She is afraid of me, but not him."

"If she were afraid of you, I doubt she would cling to you the way she did when we arrived at the village. I saw it. Nor would she look for you, when you are away. Have you claimed her yet?" Calling Hawk looked at Fighting Wolf, unsure if he should tell him. What would he do with the information? "So, no?" Calling Hawk said nothing but sat down on a log.

"She was so scared. I couldn't go through with it." He said. Fighting Wolf leaned against a tree.

"She will always be afraid of that. Most woman are."

"Maybe…Maybe when I can communicate with her it will be easier." Calling Hawk said. "but she should be this way with me, not him."

"Maybe, after the celebration," Fighting Wolf said sitting next to him. "She may be flustered, overwhelmed. Take her then. Then, she will know to whom she belongs."

"Look. I'm just going to teach you to shoot an arrow."

"I know how. I am just not very good." Fighting Wolf said stiffly. Calling Hawk laughed and reached for an arrow.

Fighting Wolf and Calling Hawk came out of the woods a few hours later.

"Just keep your arm tight, and you will be fine." Calling Hawk said and placed a hand on fighting wolf's back.

"I will try, but I keep putting my elbow down." He said. Calling Hawk and him went off in different directions after that and Calling Hawk went immediately to find Katherine. He was annoyed when he saw she was no longer in the fields, but by this time, they would have been up there all day. He looked around, but could not see her anywhere, nor her little sister. He couldn't find Eagle Eye either.

"Little Bear, have you seen Katherine?" He stopped his friend to ask.

"Came back from the fields an hour ago maybe. Eagle Eye sent her in with Chasing Water. Told me it was a surprise for you. Ah, here she is now." Calling Hawk turned and saw Katherine leaving Chasing Water's lodge. She was being pushed forward by some of the younger girls in the tribe toward him. She looked absolutely beautiful. He light brown hair was pulled back into one braid that fell down her back. She was dressed in clean, white deer skin and moccasins.

Sara came out behind her in similar clothing, but was carrying both their skirts and shirts over her arm. Katherine inched towards Calling Hawk slowly, looking back at the girls every step or so. Calling Hawk looked at her and smiled.

"Ohpeano?" Calling Hawk smiled widely at her. She knew his name in his language now. He liked it this way. He would have her saying his name more in the future, and he wanted to understand it. He knelt down and placed a small kiss to her mouth. "Thank you." She said slowly, with difficulty.

"You are very welcome." he said and turned to look at Eagle Eye who just walked up. "Thank you."

"Not a problem my friend. I taught them quite a bit, but she may not remember it all. I can speak with them an hour or so every day. Teach them the language. If it is ok with you?"

"Yes, That is ok." Calling Hawk didn't notice when the girls dispersed, his attention was focused on Katherine completely. She looked so scared standing there, and Calling Hawk stepped foreword. "When is the celebration?" He asked Eagle Eye.

"Starts at sunset. Not an hour off, they are starting the fire now."

"Let's sit." Calling Hawk said and grabbed onto Katherine's hand. They settled down on the ground by Calling Hawks lodge.

"Hello?" Katherine asked and looked up at him.

"Yes. Hello." He said and kissed her forehead. This was good. She was trying to communicate with him.

"I want her so badly." Calling Hawk said to Eagle Eye.

"Want?" Katherine said looking up. She then turned to Eagle Eye and spoke. Eagle Eye spoke back nodding.

"Wanted to know what "want" meant. I taught it to her, but she wasn't sure." Eagle Eye explained. "She wishes to keep her clothing. She says she will wear ours, but she does not want to lose the only thing she has of home."

"Her home is here now." Calling Hawk said stiffly. "but, she may keep them."

"Where were you all day?"

"Helping Fighting Wolf with his bow skills." Calling Hawk said looking down at the ground.

"Why!" Eagle Eye yelled.

"He asked!" Calling Hawk yelled back. They starred at each other a few moments until they heard drums. Everyone looked over and saw the village filling around the large fire, and already there were people dancing around the fire. Calling Hawk stood, forgetting about Eagle Eye and brought Katherine with him. Timber, Soaring Eagle, and Horse were already dancing around the fire, and singing. Calling Hawk sat in the front, with Katherine sitting next to him. The singing filled the air and Calling Hawk smiled.

He missed this when he was off scouting or in battle. Katherine looked around in wonder and Calling Hawk felt pride for his people bud in his chest. Eagle Eye sat near them, obviously Sara's doing. After a while of watching the dance Calling Hawk was pulled into the circle by Sparkling River. He joined in on the dance, leaving Katherine alone with her sister.

He began singing occasionally stopping and raising his arm with the others, to praise the great spirits. The dancing stopped when Ancient Moon came into the circle.

"My fellow Cheyenne! Today is a wonderful day! We are able to welcome back our brave warriors, who have risked so much to ensure our safety. These white-eye's are dangerous, and we must be on guard. There numbers are large, and there determination is strong. Let us celebrate the return of our Warriors, and the presence of our Arapaho friends." He paused and a few Cheyenne let out an Indian cry and cheers. "We have two new additions to our village. These whites are not to be ridiculed, and will be welcomed. The eldest-" Katherine was picked up and pulled to the center of the circle, looking around scared to death. "belongs to Calling Hawk, and is not to be touched. The younger-" Sara was pulled up as well, and Katherine was placed back down. "Is for the winner of a challenge that will be issued tomorrow. Any male, over the age of twenty summers will be able to fight. That is all, continue the celebration!"

Ancient Moon sat down and people began to fill the circle, dancing and singing. The drums echoed loudly through the crisp night air and the heat from the fire felt good on Calling Hawk's face. Katherine was sitting next to Sara and staring up at the fire and then switching to look at the drummers. Calling Hawk thought she was beautiful. The orange light reflected onto her face, and her eyes were wide, they sparkled from the fire.

Calling Hawk gently held onto her hand and she looked up at him. He got up into a kneeling position and pulled on her hand softly. She turned to Sara and spoke, then fallowed behind Calling Hawk. He stealthily guided her back to his lodge and pushed her inside.

"Sit." he said and motioned to his furs. He lit a fire quickly and turned back to Katherine. "Come here." he said. Katherine moved closer to him, and he pulled her against him. She didn't fight him, but she looked desperately scared. He lowered his mouth to hers, simultaneously laying her down on his furs. "I wont hurt you. I promise." He said soothingly, and untied her hair, pulling out the braids. Calling Hawk ran his hands down her sides, down over the curves of his waist and over her hips.

He was pleased with her, she allowed him to touch her, and he didn't do anymore than run his hands over her. He then moved to her stomach, avoiding her breasts. He wanted to move slow. If he was going to finally have her tonight, he didn't want to scare her. He managed to lift up the dress to about her knees before she spoke.

"Stop. Please?" It was in his language, and she had trouble pronouncing it. Many Indian languages had vowels that made it very difficult for whites to pronounce. He shook his head and whispered "no". She began breathing heavy again. He pushed up the white deer skin dress she wore to reveal her thighs and he felt himself harden. She was beautiful.

"I….Don't…want?" She said.

"I do want." He said so she could understand. Calling Hawk watched her look to the side, her face still looking towards his.

"Frightened." Her voice was very small. He looked down at her and let out a deep sigh. It didn't appear tonight would be it. Soon though. He would have to remember to tell Eagle Eye to have him explain she wasn't going anywhere, and was his now, and soon, if the elders permit it, be his bride. He looked down at her, and the shine of the silver that hung around her neck caught his eye.

He reached for her neck, with the hand that was not supporting his weight over her, and pulled the necklace from behind her dress. "What is this?" He asked.

"//Necklace//" Strange word. "//Locket.//"

"Lockett." He said, imitating her. She nodded and he examined it, having her sit up with him. He looked at the circular silver and put his nails in the sliver of space in confusion. Did she know her…locket…was broken? He dropped it when it popped open and looked at her. He expected anger. After all this was one of the only things she had of her old home. She looked at him with a small smile though. She picked it up from her chest and held it up to him, showing him the inside.

There were people. Well, drawings of people, but very good drawings. It almost looked real. "Mother… Father." She said pointing at the people. She looked like the woman, her mother? He looked at the father, trying to see if he remembered him from the battle. He didn't. Calling Hawk was glad for this. He never remembered all the people he killed, but some he did. This would allow him to tell himself he did not kill her father. It still made it more painful, more real. This man was living and breathing not long ago, taking care of his family, and now, thanks to his tribe, was dead, and had been burned away from this world.

It did make it more difficult too however. Before, those whites were just intruders trying to harm his people, now they were…human. They were someone's son and daughter, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

"I am sorry." he said and placed her hand over his heart. She gave him a small, sad smile, before leaning forward and placing a small kiss to his mouth.