icarina, i'm waiting


There's a bus somewhere waiting for a passenger

Its engine is throbbing to go on forever

An insistent heat forcing itself through

Horizons that transition from blacktop to blue


The sun hasn't shown its face in eighteen months.

The sinners are praying with the monastery monks

'Oh God, I'm begging you - scorch this cold earth

I can give you much more than my body is worth'


Icarus, fly fast.

I can't impress upon you how long it's been;

No guarantee how much longer it's going to last.

Spread your feathers and shoot towards the sun.

Da Vinci never finished those wings I would fly on.


Heat this porcelain plane of goose-fleshed skin -

It's something I thought I'd never feel again.

You've fallen down with the moon and the stars

And landed on me with some fragments of Mars.


Sweep up your bones that are crumbled like trash

Put them in an urn devoted to your ash

Step on that beast that will drive us on

And we won't make a single stop for anyone.


I promised you I'd not wear blinders when I next looked up

And now there's nothing out the window of the bus.

I feel so warm, but it's disconcerting to find

I looked straight at the sun and now I am blind.


I can't even see what you died to revive

But I've been promised it's nothing short of magnificent.