in one second

there was one moment where i cradled

six or seven planets in my arms

it wasn't the most elegant affair

but it was something that needed to get done


she whispers to mars, "so go get hurt"

she laughs at space, "you're so infinite"

she murmurs in venus' ear, "i don't care if we're both born women

as long as i can love you like a human can"


it took a few minutes

to drop all the consonants and add a couple vowels

i never asked you to hold up the earth, atlas

never asked you to stay on the straight-and-narrow

but it's something that needs to get done


she sings to saturn, "so just stay silent"

she purrs to io, "you're so volatile"

she hums in neptune's ear, "i don't care that you're a god

as long as i can hurt you like a human can"


it might take a decade

but if she keeps talking

i think i can hold up that extra planet.