As I press my body close to yours,
And gaze up into your eyes,
I see your love and wild desire,
Destroyed by guilt and forced goodbyes.

Don't try to lie, push me away
I know I make you weak,
And although I'm young and you're mature,
It's a woman's words I speak.

You say I'm white, my soul is pure,
But my eyes, they dance with lust,
And when I sleep, I dream of you,
Not sugarplums and fairy dust.

Could a child's lips speak the wanton words,
I whisper in your ear?
Could a girl too young, lie awake,
And ache to have you near?

My body's new, but my mind mature,
I like the way you make me feel,
Teach me, share experience,
And make this passion real.

It can't be wrong, it feels too good,
So let's rise and fall 'til dawn,
And if age is just a number,
Then let me be the One.