"Presenting, your valedictorian. Temperance Miller!" The school stood and clapped as she came onto the stage to give her speech. With a million dollar smile, and a brain to make Einstein jealous, she was friends with everyone.

"Well class, this is the last time we might be together in a group again. So I'm sure you want me to say something like, you'll all do amazing things, or we will all see each other at or 20 year reunion. But I can't because it might not be true. I'm sure that some of you will do amazing things, but you're going to work your butts off trying to get there. And others, you might not make it, you might not try. School has taught us that no one is left behind. But the truth is life after high school won't wait. If you decide that hey, maybe I won't go to college this year, you say you're going to go next year. But you don't, you only get one life, so don't go out there and screw it up. Nothing is below you if you're trying to make a better life, not even being a garbage man. You're making money, and you're providing for yourself. And after college, you're not going to make 401 K right away. You have to work for it. Yes, you have to WORK! There's no retest, or do over's, you don't get to live life till you get it right. This is your only chance to get it right, so make the best of it. Now I'm pretty sure that you don't want to sit here and listen to me tell you how hard life is anymore than I already have. So I won't, I'll just tell you Class Of 2008. WE KICK ASS!!" With that, Temperance threw her cap in the air and screamed. The rest of the graduating class followed her example and that was the end of senior year at Gorchevich High.

"Temper!" Ashley yelled to her best friend. Temperance faux glared at her, Ashley was the only one allowed to call her Temper. But her glare broke when her best friend tackled her into a hug. "Were officially college students Tem! How exciting is this?! I don't even care right now that your going all the way to Harvard. I know we will always be friends!" Temperance laughed and hugged her bubbly little friend.

"Ash, you silly, how could I ever not be friends with you?" They both laughed and went around to congratulate and hug their other friends and their family. But when Temperance looked around for her family, she didn't see them. Her smile faltered for only a second before she was happy and giddy again.

Temperance had been accepted to Harvard Law School, her parents and grandparents had all gone there and she was the only one to keep the tradition going. Her family was small, both her parents being only children, and her being an only child. Her best friend Ashley Controe was an amazing dancer and was going to a school of arts in Detroit. Temperance had applied there just to humor her friend, just as Ashley had applied to Harvard. They both knew they would get into both schools, and still go to the one of their choice.

Once home, Temperance went to her room. It was a simple white color with a white wicker bad frame, dresser, chair, and desk. Her curtains were a white gauzy style and they danced in the summer breeze coming through the bay window. Smiling, she sat on her widow bench and looked out over the lawn. The perfectly manicured lawn was a deep green, the large maple tree outback had an old tire swing swaying in the breeze. Sighing, she grabbed one of the text books she would have to study so she could get ahead in college. She curled up on her white comforter and started reading the 1000 plus page book.

No more than an hour later, a hard pounding came from the next door neighbors house. Growling, Temperance got up and shut her window, upset that she couldn't have a breeze anymore. But still the music blared through the window. Temperance glared at the house and slammed her book shut. She walked briskly down the stairs and slipped on a pair of sneakers. Outside, the music was louder than ever. Quickly as possible, she made her way over to the house. The neighbors were new and had only just moved in a few days ago. She knew they had a son, but she hadn't met him yet. Temperance pounded on the hardwood door as hard as her fists would allow. The music turned down noticeably and the door opened to reveal a tall boy with jet black hair and the most intense green eyes she had ever seen. He had a piercing through his eyebrow and lip. He had only one piercing in his left ear. Temperance did have a little temper, but only when something really bugged her. And loud mindless music really bugged her.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" She fumed. The boy simply tilted his head and smirked.

"You live next door right? Temperance Miller? Nice to meet you, my name's Jay Dorian." Jay offered his hand, but Temperance just stared coldly at him.

"Will you turn that god forsaken racket down?" She growled.

"It helps me concentrate so, no."

"Well, it's making me LOSE my concentration."

"Get some earplugs."
"Get some headphones."

"Do you have something shoved up your ass or something?"

"You little brat! How dare you say that!? Now turn that crap down and get ready for college you slacker!" With that Temperance turned on her heel and stomped back to her house.

"Whatever is up your ass is sideways." Jay said just as she left. He was leaning up against the door frame and watched as Temperance stiffened and then walked away.

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