If I had a choice,
I would stab myself to death.
If I had a choice,
I would prevent my mom from conceiving me.

But that is,
If I had a choice.
What if I didn't?

I would live my life to the fullest.
What a lie!
I would love everyone with a wicked passion.
Another lie!

Actually, I'd make everyone's life a living hell.
That is if I could bring hell upon us.
I'd throw a party for the demons and the wicked witches.
That's if I knew where to send the invitations.

Life contains so many "ifs".
If this,
If that,
Life without "ifs" would be like this:

Me; a simple girl with only wishes and hopes,
Which would never come true.
A road with devastation and destruction,
Where no fairies can come and save her (me).