I hurry,

I scurry

To my safe haven:

Where the trees are so thick,

I strain to feel

Only a drop of rain on my skin.

The classic rock chorus

I blast on the radio

Still cant block out

The horrendous,

Screeching screams

In my head.

I arrive

And I observe the quiet

Perfection of stillness over the water.

The forestry protects me

From the downpour.

The horizon is covered and

The mountains are carved by the fog,

Allowing me to revel in the peace

Of my own world.

The serenade of screams

Is left behind me for awhile,

As I observe the veiny branches

of trees entwine into the

Porous tissues of the sky,

Gifting it with oxygen.

The oxygen...the stillness

Breathes over the world

Giving heart the will to beat;

And I can forget the screaming,

If only for awhile.