through an open window
from friends I thought I'd never have
stuff my mouth with peppermint

for them to smell it on me
parents worried sleeping but
a little brother is

still doing those
fucking cartwheels, naked,
he shows me, says,

"Kyle, I can do a split!"
prideful, pleasant, and, well,
naked. I haven't the heart to say

anything other than:
"grab some clothes…"
he laughs, I shout

to another younger one,
who's in the bathroom
discovering himself

for the third time this week.
I mean, he's thirteen, so that's
my guess. he stammers:

"—be right out—"
I want to puke
or laugh

or cry
then my dog sniffs
my crotch

I laugh
and try to look back on
where I was

this whole goddamn time.