I'm bundled up in the covers on the bed with my back propped up on the head board of the bed

I'm bundled up in the covers on the bed with my back propped up on the head board of the bed. I'm keep making sure to hold the cover over my chest, I don't know why really, he's already seen me.

As I try to focus on the television I can't help but look over and watch him. He's tanned skin seems more luminous now with the dull, cloud filtered sunlight hitting him. He's standing at the window of the hotel room, thirty something stories up looking out over the city with just boxers and a t-shirt on.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea," I finally bring myself to say as I go for the remote to change the channel.

"Relax, our parents are over in Jersey, they couldn't get back here fast enough to catch us," Perry glanced back over at me, "They don't even know we're dating yet."

I scoffed, "Because my dad would brutalize you."

"They're going to have to find out we're dating sooner or later," he replied.

I dipped my hand down off the bed to scoop up my bra and shirt, "If they found out what just happened, they'd be…well…" I couldn't think straight, I couldn't even put things into words. Last night had been…the best night of my life, to say the least. But this morning all I could think was that we were going to get our asses handed to us if our parents found out.

My Dad…my Mom would more than likely be disappointed if anything, but my Dad would be enraged. He'd go off on Perry, and my dad had know Perry since we were all babies.

I almost had my shirt back on, Perry was suddenly back on the side of the bed kissing me down the side of the neck, I pushed him away, "Seriously, you're going to get us caught," I tried to bring my shoulder up closer to my neck to get him away.

"You worry too much," he started, "I can hear everything out in that hallway, remember, I could hear the elevator come up even…"

"I doubt if anything got really started you could concentrate on that," I replied.

He stepped back and sighed, "You seem like you're upset."

I looked up at him, his big hazel eyes seemed worried, "Perry…look, it was the best thing…I can't even put into words how good you…"

He grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me, "Get dressed," he said, "Let's go out for a walk."

"You think that's safe?"

"The Vampire and Super Girl out in the city and you think that someone has the power to mess with us?" Since I'd found out I had these weird powers Perry had been pretty much unafraid to take me to do anything that he was doing.

But the thing was I felt like the dirty liar. Here I am dating a guy, fighting crime and demons, and now wandering around the city all without my parents knowing.

Perry ran across the room and put his clothes on in a hurry, "I guess we can skip the shower..." he laughed lightly.

"Considering that's where we started making out, I feel clean enough…" in truth I'd never felt dirtier.

My skirt had somehow sailed onto the top of the air conditioner that sat just below the window in classic hotel style. I retrieved it and slipped back into it. We were supposed to be hanging out and watching movies, that's what I told my Mom anyway. Of course she believed me because it was Perry. He was my best friend and we'd bathed together as kids, lived like brother and sister some summers before we moved back down to Houston.

Now we were dating and we didn't really tell them or drop hints even. It should have been a crime how easy it was, I could have Perry over whenever and they would never think differently of our relationship. It should have been the perfect crime except I felt like shit.

I was getting my shoes and Perry was already dressed, "You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, let me grab my purse," I said as I grabbed my bag out of the chair and checked the room for anything damning, "Throw out that fucking condom in the toilet, you can see it if its in the trash," I pointed to where it was.

Hidden evidence. Now I was even behaving like a criminal.