We all dance our dance below the spotlight, playing out the role that we're given. Even if we don't know that we've been given a role. The scripts are invisible, they're written on our instinct, written into our intellect. The reasons why things happen aren't clear, but isn't the reason for anything to learn something? About one's self, about others or the world around us?

I learned at an early age to keep a contingency plan. I learned that we had to have something to fall back on when there was no one that could or would help us.

The first real time that I had to use it was when I first came to power, but I used it with good reason. Sorry for not making good explanations of any of this, let me first do that. My name is Dee, or that's what they call me. It's short for Death, as in the Angel of Death.

Out of all the Angels to ever have my title, I am the youngest and the only that isn't fully of Angelic ancestry. When I first came to power I was only fourteen years of age. A fresh doe eyed thing with her Mother's determination and her Father's taste for violence.

Really I can't remember how long it took for it to happen; when you're immortal time really doesn't have much meaning. The present lasts forever, because you're never ending. Maybe a few weeks into the job, I was approached by this other Angel under my command.

He was a dark haired man with skin that was white like a new moon. He was sinisterly skinny, a lot less fierce than an Angel should have looked I thought. But something told me he was sly. It might have been the way his eyes were like thin slits when he talked to me. Or it could have been any number of other mannerisms he had.

His name was Atreyu.

When he came to me I had been in Novosibirsk Reservoir (Новосиби́рское водохрани́лище) region of Siberia. I was barefoot in the sand, walking the beach with my thick dark curls billowing back in the winds. I jabbed my scythe into the wet sand not too far back from where I walked. This little venture for me had been the first rest I'd had in a while. I think I just wanted a chance to sniff the cool moist air.

I came as close as I could to the water's lapping edge and dug down with my toes some. The brown sands contrasted with my pale skin, and the luster of the sun against my legs just added to it. For some reason I felt as if someone was watching me and when I lifted my head I saw him, standing out over the water.

Like Christ at Bethsaida, he moved across the huge Reservoir towards me. I glared at him as his feet hovered just off of the waves, my lips parted slowly. "That kind of act might have impressed Peter and the others…but it looks to me like you're taking an unnecessary risk."

He stepped off of the water and onto the land a few feet from me, his lanky arms folded over his chest, "What do you mean to say, my liege."

"Don't call me that," I chided him.

"I apologize," A smile appeared on his thin pale lips, "I came here to deliver a message to you."

"Oh, is that what you and some of the others were conspiring about the last time we all met?" I asked.

His smile grew wider, more sinister it seemed, "Who's conspiring?" he stepped around to my side, I turned to keep my eyes on him, "I simply wanted to share with you a proposal about how we operate."

"We operate under directly order of…"

"Don't think that I'm not clear on who is our both, Lady Death?" his teeth showed now.

I folded my arms, "Then what do you mean to say to me?"

"I think that it is time we go back to the way things were under the last great Angel of Death…" he ran his fingers through his hair.

"You mean death for any who break His law, no chance for redemption?" I asked.

"But redemption is a failed ideal, would man redeem himself if given infinite chances? The answer is no, because he doesn't even think he's done wrong," Atreyu said.

"I now see why it is that He would not have to be leader," I started as I turned my back and walked away, "Even if you have been in His employ for longer."

Atreyu grabbed me by the shoulder, "Would you have served in my regime had it been given to me?"

"There's a feeling in my chest at the thought, I think it might be horror, one can't describe horror but one might be able to know if told by another quietly…" I said.

He stepped around in front of me, "This world is going to Hell, why should we leave the goats out to mix with His flock and continue to spread their poison."

I scoffed at this, "And with that sort of attitude it's no wonder He told me to watch you more closely than any of the others."

"It would seem that even He fears change," Atreyu said now, "He would rather watch his failed plan of redemption pass and drive the rest of his sheep into Gehenna."

"Those things you've said, fall close to being under the umbrella of blasphemy," I narrowed my eyes now, it was a force of habit when I was upset. I had gotten it from my mother.

But he didn't heed my words, as slight of a warning as they might have been, "And look, just to show how much he doesn't care about his failed ways, he invokes you as the Angel of Death…a title that I am sure you haven't even seen all of the responsibility and power of."

"You would call his decisions into question?" I asked.

"I only want to see an end to sin, as I am sure you do…we're both caught in the same current, only I swim against it…" he said.

With that I spun and let my palm flare open, I struck him in the center of his stomach. A blue flash of light seemed to come from all around. He stumbled back some and I reached back down slowly to pull my coat closed, from this angle the wind had its hold on it.

Atreyu was holding his stomach, his eyes wide with fright, "What…what are you?"

"I am that current," I replied.


"I've poisoned you, one of the many powers that you thought I didn't know about," I started to pace now, "But you didn't know about it, because only a Seraphim would."

His smile was gone, his teeth stained black with some thick oily substance, "I can't…go to Hell…"

"You won't be going to Hell, this poison is referred to as the Denique Terminus, Ultimate End," I paused, "it doesn't just unhinge the soul from this plane…it erodes it into nothingness."

"You…bitch," he tried to make an attack on me now and before he could even swing, I'd called my Scythe back to my side and deflected his blow.

"I was told not to fight this battle with you," I sighed, "I was told to do as the Angel of Death should, and kill."

Now Atreyu dropped to his knees, "Betrayal, this is the sin…" he was holding his gut and the black liquid had almost filled his mouth now.

"No sin here," I kicked him onto his back, "God told me to deal with potential threats as I see fit…I give no quarter and show no mercy."

"And its you who talk of giving redemption a chance," he grunted, "yet here you show no mercy."

I folded my arms again, "I'm not God, I have no use for mercy…its just not my place." I started to walk away from him now, "All I need to concern myself with is conviction. That's the way I choose for this current to flow…"

I think that my words may have never reached his ears, his soul was burned away even before I could finish. His body lay limp, his mouth oozing the black oil now. I sighed and continued with my walk.