Saturday 14, 2007 10:19 PM

Saturday 14, 2007 10:19 PM

SorrySam18: I am really sorry Anna. I didn't mean for it to go down like this. I am SO SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

VampirChic13: Do you really think I care about your apologizes right now? How am I going to tell my mom? "Oh yah, Mom, umm... Sam got me pregnant!" Do you think that'll work? Because if it will I am going to kill you, wait I'm doing that all ready!

SorrySam18: So this is entirely my fault? You said, "Come on, Sam! Let's do it!"

VampirChick13: Umm…yah. It is your fault.

SorrySam18: You weren't worried about it until three months after…when you found out that you had a human baby inside of you. I AM YOUR SISTER'S BOYFRIEND. I AM 18. I COULD GO TO JAIL!

VampirChic13: You weren't worried about going to jail until I said I was pregnant.

SorrySam18: You are 15 years old. You are pregnant. I am dating your sister. I am your assistant teacher. I am screwed.

VampirChic13: Yes, you are.

VampirChic13: I was drunk and you said you were wearing a condom. What am I going to do? Thx, thx a lot.

SorrySam18: Yah, well I was drunk too. So don't get all pissed at me because we both made a mistake.

VampirChic13: No you made the mistake. Fuck you. You're 18 and you should know better. And guess what? I am going to tell my sister.

SorrySam18: If you tell her I will kill you. I swear to God, Anna. I have something special with your sister and if you ruin it. I will kill you and that damn, life-ruining baby.

VampirChic13: What? Sleeping with your girlfriend's sister is something special?

SorrySam18 has left the chat-room.

SorrySam18 is now KillTheBaby18.

VampirChic13: Sam you are an ass. I am going to keep the baby and tell my sister. What are you going to do about it? Huh? Huh? Wanna fight, punk?

KillTheBaby18: I swear Anna.

VampirChic13: No, I swear Sam. I am keeping him and you can't do anything about it.

KillTheBaby18: What it's a "him" now? Does "he" have a name?

VampirChic13: Yes, if it a boy I am naming him…Sam. If it is a girl I am naming her…Sam! Do you like that?

KillTheBaby18: You bitch…