&Chapter One

The blood wasn't so far from my feet but it felt like it was crawling under my skin. As I watched my parents lying there, not moving, the only thing that's moving is the blood rushing out of their bodies.

Yell Schuyler. Just fucking yell!

I repeated that to myself over and over but the words didn't seem to come up. It was like everything was on a stand still and if I moved everything will just come falling down.

"Move to the phone Schuyler". I couldn't move but just look at the bodies in front of me and either my brain isn't working or I was in shock. I took a step back and touched around to find the phone. A ringing sound went right through me and the sound of it made me jump. I turned to the phone and picked it up. I pushed it up against my ear and tried to get my breathing under control.

"Hello" I said shaken.

"Hey Sky. It's Raven. You don't sound so good. What's going on?" she asked a little worried. Ok, she wasn't a little worried but you get the point.

"Raven can you call. . . ." My words were cut short by someone's hands over my mouth. I felt their breath down by my ear.

"Hang up the phone or your head will go rolling next to your dead parents" The person demanded.

"Hello Sky? Answer me now!, What the hell is going on?!" I heard Raven yell into my ear. I felt the cool touch of the knife under my neck.

"Hang it up" The person said louder. I gently put the phone on its hook and put my hands up.

"That's a good girl" Said the person. The knife lowered from my neck and I bit into the guy's hand and he pulled away. I ran across the hall to my bedroom. I locked the door and reached for my phone that was the night stand. I pressed the speed dial for the cops and pressed the phone to my ear. A lady who sounded like my grandmother answered.

"What's your emergency?" she asked

"There's a guy in my house who killed my parents. He's trying to kill me" I whispered into the phone.

"Ok Ms, Just stay calm. What's your address?" she asked

"Hello like you don't have my call traced already! Hurry up he's breaking down the door!" I yelled into the phone. I pressed the end button and the guy was kicking the door down.

"Open this fucking door!" he yelled. I looked around the room to see where I could hide.

Where? Where?

I ran towards the window and opened it. I put out my legs first and the guy was already through the door. I looked at him and he points directly at me.

"You're next!" he yelled. I turned back around and careful climbed outside the window. I felt the cool knife stab into my arm and he pulled it out. I held the woundand tried to move faster. I felt rain drops began to fall and I tired to move carefully. I heard him loudly behind me and I slipped. I fell off the roof and everything was going to so fast. Soon everything went black.

"Sky, Sky! Get the hell up before you miss the bus again!" I heard my mom's voice say.

Ok, please tell me I'm in heaven. Why will my mom try to wake me up In heaven? Or I'm not in heaven. Shit! I'm in hell!

"Schuyler Taylor Washington get up!". I jumped up and looked at my mother's heart-shaped face.

"Mom? Mom you're alive!" I yelled jumping off the bed and gave her a big hug.

"Love you, Mom" I whispered to her. I let her go and she looked a me with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Ok. . . . No more sugar before bed" she said with a laugh. I stepped away from her and smiled.

"Let me get ready for school Mom"

"Ok, Just hurry" she said leaving. I rubbed my arm and I felt a warm liquid against my finger tips. I raised my hand to see what it was and it was blood.

"Great, Sweet dreams are what every child in this world gets and I get messed up ones" I said sighing.