Dream #1 - A Confession

I cannot believe what I have just seen in front of my eyes...It's her.

There is a moment of awkward silence between us; at least until she approaches me gingerly, one step and one step closer each time. My heart has definitely skips a beat, almost jumping out when she stroke her finger through my hand, gentle enough to kill me from the excitement.

My eyes -finally meeting her gaze- was to be blamed for the flip-flopping which occurs inside my stomach. Her sparkling amber eyes, which are the resemblance of the crystal clear and beautiful jewels, have my soul captivated. Beautiful hair of hers dances along with the flowing winds, lifting up a few strands. Her enchanting beauty, well, let me put it in simpler term - she is more than mere words could've described. On that particular moment, I come into the conclusion that I have just seen the most dazzling moment of hers. How beautiful she is.

She surges toward me -my lips in particular- shyly; the air around us turns dense. What else I could've done at that particular moment?

I close my eyes of course...readying for a kiss that I am wishing for so long. The distance between us is so far and yet so near.

Her scent got nearer to me, one second by one second, and I am dying from dehydration; I need the filling from her, desperate enough.

Then, I heard a faintly, but weak whisper.

I love you, Taylor.

What the hell? That isn't my name! I swear my voice is loud enough to reach her ears.

For that particular moment, my hormones go into their raging mode as I flap my eyes wide-open.

Oh I'm so dead. I think hopelessly, inside my mind. Squatting in front of me, on top of my bed is none other than my forever, mischievous sister. Her blonde hair is sticking against my shoulders, my body; so itchy and irritating. Half an inch away from my face, she reveals the sneer, uniquely hers. I admit that is enough to send shiver down my spine.

"What are you doing?" She asks me with her innocent-like voice.

I pull my face away from my bolster, which I was hugging a second ago. "Nuthing!" I have tried my best to remain my voice calm.

The sneer of her face vanishes, and she begins to giggling at me. "You're about to kiss your bolster. You look so cute!" Her blue eyes tell me that she's curious of what I was dreaming a second ago.

Damn! I curse inside my mind, for having such a weird dream early in the morning. By faking a stern look -which I think I succeed- I tell her in a slightly louder voice, ignoring her sentence. "Who gives you permission into my room?"

She stuck her tongue out at me. What does it means? I don't get it seriously. Then she points at my clock, my brain almost explode when my lips read the time out subconsciously.


Oh, I'm gonna be so-so late for the first day of new semester!