Reality #1 - Alex the Pervert

Well, did I told you my name in the previous chapter? I didn't, do I?

Okay, let me introduce myself now whille I'm still looking at the mirror; my reflection is clear and vivid. I have blonde hair -just like my sister for heaven's sake- with blue eyes again. Apart from that, we've nothing in common. I am more handsome as compared to her (but how is it possible to compare a guy to a girl? Maybe she's beautiful in her own way?), girls will definitely dazed by my look.

Haven't I tell you my name still?

My name is Alex.

For heaven's sake, I'm late. Quickly enough, I tidy myself up and take a few more looks on the mirror before rushing out of my house - without bidding farewell with my parents. As for introductions of them, that will be done in future chapters. (How about your sister?) Who the hell is giving a damn to her?! I certainly do hope that she didn't snap a picture of mine when I was still in the miserable sleeping form this morning...

It takes me ten minutes from my house -walking distance- to my college, but yet, I'm always late. Why? I blame my sister for not being able to wake me up on time (don't you think you sleep too much?). Steadily increasing my pace, I rush my way through the empty corridor. No one is around, perhaps, they're inside the class already.

Then, I look down to my watch.


What the hell! I yell inside my mind this time; it must be her, my sister. She must've changed the time of my digital clock beside my bed to mislead me. Nevermind...I'll execute my punishment on her tonight, personally. She'll kneel down before my wrath. Muahahahaha. I fail to contain my laughter and burst into a series of cackling. Anyone who sees me laughing will definitely thinks that I'm insane or a maniac.

Nevermind, I'm glad that every morning I can take a brief look on her on my way to class. (Who's her this time?) Of course, my sister can't be that her, definitely; she's the girl who appears in my dream today's morning. I can feel the anticipation arouse inside my heart, when I'm about to reach her class. I will take a sneak peek on how she's doing every morning before moving to my class.

I look through the windows, hoping no one will sees me. Let me tell you, I have enough nicknames from my friends, and I certainly do not wish for more; thus in the other word, I do not hope anyone sees me peeking and gives me a brand new nickname, Alex the Pervert.

Today, it's slightly unusual of her. She's usually with the happy face of hers, ones which full with smiles. But today, she looks worried? I wonder at that thought. Something must be bothering her.

"Who's there?"

Oh well, I am being caught, red-handed - all thanks to the stupid Carrera. She always enjoy seeing me got punished. There was one occassion in the past which she shoved me into the girl's toilet, but luckily I was smart enough to free myself from trouble. I took the mop and acted as if I was trying to clean the toilet as a part time job, like those...toilet cleaners.

Enough about her, and back to the reality. Everyone's eye is locked against me, and I could only stand there, frozed. Even the lecturer, Mr. Jason is staring at me, his eyes seemingly asking 'what-are-you-doing-here?'

I gulp, still immobilized. Until someone's voice yells. Alex the Pervert! I certainly hope that isn't her.

Oh yes, here comes my brand new nickname.