The crescendo of cracking bones was the only sound that filled the small apartment as Isobell Fraber manoeuvred herself out of bed. The warm rays of the New York sunrise having awoken her.

Shuffling, she made her way over to her shower hoping it would help to wake her fully, stumbling over a few objects strewn over her floor from yesterday's mad dash to get ready for work.

Thirty minuets later with a cup of tea in hand Isobell was striding her way along the pavements of New York to her job. Any normal New Yorker would just have awoken half an hour later and caught a taxi to work. But the beauty of New York waking into the busy beast of a city that it was, for Isobell was too much to resist. She preferred to walk the three miles to work to see it roar into life.

As usual the city never failed to impress.

Groaning from the sunlight that dared stream into his apartment and awake him, Archie Heldom slowly sat up to assess the damage done last night. Slowly opening his eyes, he glanced about the room, wincing at the number of empty vodka bottles strewn across the floor, along with not one, but two sets of bras and underwear. Confused Archie glanced behind him, and sure enough he found two highly attracting and very endowed women lying naked in his bed.

Grinning for a second, Archie once again thanked God for his fame and fortune, before it turned into a scowl.

His manager was definitely not going to like this.

Looking back at the two women he breathed out, "He won't like this at all," before collapsing back onto the pillows.


Hey! right I'm giving this story a re-write, I've been reading through and some major changes need doing, so I would be grateful if you could tell me what you think? not much changes up to chapter 6, but after then I'm adding stuff in and changing things around. I'm also looking for a Beta, if anyone is interested, both for this story and my other new one. So just PM me! thanks!