So, as some of you may have read, I've decided to put my stories on hold. Sorry guys, but I just felt a lack of passion whilst writing them - if I ever get inspiration, then I will try my best to update some of them, but no promises!

Because of my lack of inspiration for these stories, I have decided to set up a new fictionpress account (.com/summerromancelove). On my new account I have decided to rework some of my old stories, the first of which being "Back to our Past". As I felt no inspiration towards this story, I have started rewriting a story with a similar plot, now entitled "Regression". I feel more positive about Regression, so please give it a try and tell me what you think!

Also, my planned rewrite of "It only takes a minute" will be published under my new account (above), so I strongly urge you to keep an eye out for it as it will most likely be posted under a different name! Anyway, thanks guys for all your support, and the only reason I posted this was to keep you all updated and hopefully you'll all give my new account a fighting chance! I promise this one will be much better!

Thanks to my devoted fans,
TFH xx