"Most of you have been where I am tonight; the crash site of unrequited love" Unknown

You expect to see a fire raging all around you, hear a hundred screams of anguish tearing through the night. But you're the only victim here tonight; those flames ripping through your body are only for you to feel, and the screams in your head are just an echo of the sound of your heart breaking, so loud to you, yet nothing more than a pin drop to the rest of the world. You long for something, anything to drown out the sound, but all is still as you wade painfully through the wreckage, alone, whilst the world goes on, oblivious, around you.

"I love you," she whispers, frantically reaching out for him, longing to feel his warm embrace like a blanket around her shaking body. Instead, he turns from her, head bowed, unable to look as the tears she sheds snaked slowly down her cheeks. She waits, but no words of comfort escape from his soft lips, usually so full of warmth and passion when brought together with her own. At last words come, but they are cold, and she shivers, though there is no breeze.

"I would be lying now if I said I love you too."

The first fire is lit, though she tries desperately to fight it.

"But you did love me, I know you did, I saw it in your eyes."

"Like a brother loves a sister," he says quietly, chancing a brief look in her direction as inside her the flame spreads.

"And a sister is all I could ever be to you," she spits bitterly, failing to hide the hurt in her eyes as his words hit her like a brick, almost taking her breath away. "It's all I can ever be to anyone, because I'm just not good enough for anyone to love for real, am I?"

He still can't look at her, and the question is left to hang in the air, as sobbing, she turns and runs from him, unable to handle the godforsaken silence.

This is her crash site, where her heart is slowly dying, the victim of his silence and those three little words.