It just keeps goingaroundmyhead(always around never up or down). I think you LIE-liarliar-such a pretty little(WHY?) lie.
Dammit, if friends were all like you-IthinkIwoulddie-then they would all be ENEMIES(ultimatums be damned). But-liarliar-you don't think(you overthink every little thing) I would just go without a-subtleveryverysubtle-BANG(bang. you're dead.)?
I don't believe(in happy endings) you don't want to be-mybest-friend.
I see you look-ohsodown-around me to avoid(non-existent confrontation) my eyes.
Why can't you just talk(to me) about you FEELINGS? Did I make you-depressedandworriedandlonely-like this(my beautiful Frankenstein)? You don't want me to be around-youandyourclone-to see your(breakdown) SADNESS.
I just want to be there-pleasepleaseletme-when you need a FRIEND(or enemy). I told you I'd be waiting for you to help me-livebreatheloveanything-like you helped me. I want you to be-beautifulandhappy-YOURSELF.

A/N: I know it probably won't get to her. and if it won't change anything.