Click Clack... you're approaching.

Swish, step... No, I guess it's someone else.

Everything breaks to pieces when you're not around.

I start thinking everyone might be you

Losing my mind, thinking of you.

They're both the same, really.

I've always been insane, at least... ever since...

Push Push... those thoughts aside.

Slap, smack... bring the colour back.

Everything is a nightmare because you're not here.

I want to dream, but I can only see your face.

Bags weigh down on my blue, once bright eyes.

I want to blame you, but you're invisible to me.

Because now you're gone-no, stop.

Lie Love... you'll always be here, right?

Sing, silly... "Forever, forever and forever more..."

You'd never leave me, right?

You'd never go. Oh no.

Loneliness consumes me, I always dance alone.

And the rain always makes me smile because of you.

Dancing in the rain, holding hands with you.

Dead Dove... peaceful in the crying sky

Wet, white... That's how I'll always see you.

With your silly shoes clicking and clacking in the puddles.

Laughing forever into the night, right?

"Forever, forever and forever more..."

Tomorrow is the end of infinity.