Today, because I am not dead… (Vincent O'Sullivan, 1982)

Today –
an entirely new day;
not just a continuation
of all the others
which have left me,
cold and heartless,
that frigid bitch
of hours that diurnal
dawns a new disguise.

because you are not dead,
because I am not dead,
I was surprised
to discover that we together
are, in fact, dead –
invisible, gasping,
and trapped
beneath our own earth.

Today –
a clean break:
not bone-shattering,
not earth-shattering;
uniquely commonplace.
With temperatures dropping,
a nonlinear relationship
with low pressure
and low relative humidity
makes for cold shoulders.

I am acclimated
to reports on the hour,
but you
are a fair-weather man.

But perhaps you are dead –
in which case there's a chance
of rain, 100 °/o -
but highly unlikely.

It's unpredictable –
you, I, we,
I'm being lectured
on fallibility,
where conclusions aren't drawn
but, rather, animated.
These cells aren't living
but are destructive
You felt like a fever,
a fog –
sweat/steam, haze/cloud,
hidden obsession unaccommodated.
with contained timeless
joys, intermittent
to cyclic cyclonic

Today, because I am not dead,
I will

TMK 11feb2008