The Siblings NAWT

They all dreamed

of doing greater things.

N has been

working the same job

for almost eight years,

wishing it a grander art.

That's great, says his uncle

(who can quote whole episodes

of MASH by heart).

Is it? he wonders,

watching his wife and two dogs.

A learned early on

to value life,

having nearly lost his

to a stupid mistake.

Now, he makes sure

that if he is to be killed

doing something stupid,

it will be

for all the world

to see.

W has stories to tell, but –

well – they're on hold,

for now. She is too busy

discovering how

boyfriends and rainforests

make everything swell.

And T doesn't add much, you see –

losing sight makes long poetry.

She notices life slipping away,

complacent as apocalypse.

She understands it can't be fixed;

sleeping is just her specialty.

If these four can fail,

what's another nail

in the hand of a carpenter?

You can only hit one over the head

so many times

for naught.

TMK 13mar2008