You step back in

to the world you own

and you get the feeling

it's time to move on.

Nothing has changed, here,

for the past million years

and yours is the only way

they haven't yet tried.

And true, too, you

hear it all the time –

"it's whatever you need" –

myself, yourself, reflexive

and reflective to a point.

Back to the present –

what shines on your face,

the darkness past

or the brightest future?

Calling, you find lines

to cross, to hold on to,

to put on hold,

receiving what you will.

Somewhere, a warm sky

is found wanting

and lacking appreciation.

Things you could have done

whisper maddeningly,

while all that was rumoured true

is always construed

as more than wrong.

You regret nothing

but the length of day.

TMK 25mar2008