Back in the year 2013, the economy of the United States went into a depression. America's enemies took advantage of her downfall and attacked. The U.S. went from the world's greatest superpower, to nothing more than a third world country within two years.

That's when Project Heracles came into effect.

Hercacles was a Greek hero. Son of the King of Gods, Zeus. He is said to have been the savior of the world and mankind. He used his wits and strength to accomplish all challenges presented to him. He was known for doing great deeds for his friends, and being a terrible enemy to all those who crossed him.

In a desperate move, research began for a serum. A serum that could create the ultimate soldier. Fast, strong, intelligent, deadly, and obedient. A force that none could stop. And all of this was kept from the prying eyes of the public.

Twenty children, most under the age of five, were secretly kidnapped and taken to the Heracles research facility just to the south of what was formerly the great city of Los Angeles, California. The youngest of those kidnapped was only 3. They were all given the serum, and everything seem to go smoothly. At first.

For fifteen years, the first batch of soldiers, now dubbed Alpha Heracles, were progressing at a higher than expected rate. They were masters of hand to hand combat, small arm marksmanship, reconnaissance, crew served weapons, and stealth. Although they had the body types of slim or athletic human beings, they were four times as strong as the average human, five times as fast, and learned and perfected new abilities within days.

But on the sixteenth year, the Alpha Heracles that were produced failed. They had all started to develop minds of their own, asking too many questions. Moreover, they started having flashbacks of their past lives, their lives before the Heracles operation. Now completely worthless, they were all to be killed.

But they fought back.

And they escaped…