She smiles; he appears in sequence:
Foot, then calf, then thigh
(So different from a year prior)
Emerge from a car, approach her.
Her nerves flutter; their eyes meet:
Brown on grey, and blue, and black –
Her dark orbs no match for the cool, sensual mix
That so often drowned his voice in their occasional chats
Brief but meaningful to him, yet casual to her.
She jumps; heard a chuckle from his newfound lips:
Had they ever been so inviting? Existed, at all?
Always a friend – But a lover?

She plunges, leaves no room for uncertainty –
Her doubt replaced by unprecedented faith.
He is a friend. A lover, with qualities of both
And the modest ability to fulfill her.
Soon she sighs; breathes relief and joy:
Two weeks pass and a kiss decides it.
Things move fast, and she knows –
Like she has never known before, nor acted on.
And she is right.
Two months devoured in their endless hunger
And he stands before her,
Clothes falling,
Revealing thigh. Calf. Foot.

He appears in sequence.
She smiles.