I'm Not a Creep, Just a Weirdo

Chapter Nine

Top of the World

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Date. You see, whenever I heard the word date, I always thought about the little fruits that you eat. Dates you know. They kinda look like plums and taste rather yummy. I think it's something only old people understand. Not that I'm old or anything.

Actually, the fruit shouldn't be the thing that's on my mind the most. The word 'date' should be used in the context that a boy/girl is going to spend a night alone and bonding with someone they're interested in, getting to know them better or just having some fun time. My idea of a date was a nice day of stalking a cute boy. But I guess Sam has a different idea of a date.

"Jeeze Amelina. It's just a date. Chill out. If you pace anymore you're going to wear a hole away in the floor and fall through the ceiling of the person who lives below you. Which is me." Ashley was lying on her stomach on my bed watching me walk back and forth in front of my dresser.

"It's not a date. What do I wear to a non-date-that-has-to-look-like-a-real-date?" I stopped and started to rummage through my dresser furiously and then flew over to my closet when I didn't find anything I felt appropriate.

"Well if it's a non-date then you don't really have to worry about what you're wearing right?" I rolled my eyes and threw some clothes onto my bed on top of Ashley. "Hey, hey! Watch where you're throwing those! That hanger almost stabbed me in the eye!" She threw the hanger, shirt attached, at my head. "Thanks. I think I will wear this shirt."

By the time I finished getting dressed for the date at seven, it was two o'clock. Only two o'clock. I don't know why I got ready so early. I guess my excitement got the better of me. Drat. Now what am I going to do for the next five hours? I sat down on my couch and started munching on a banana.

"Do I see a banana in your hand?! I'm so glad you're-" I dipped it into a cup of caramel and then rolled it in sprinkled. "... Eating healthy. You're hopeless. I wonder why you don't have more cavities." I grinned and swallowed my mouthful. "Well. My teeth have pretty much been covered by metal from cavity fillings. There's no teeth left to eat." I turned back to the TV and finished by banana.

There was silence for a while, but Ashley broke it with a question. "Emma, do you like Sam?" My chest got tight as she asked the question and I took a deep breathing, hoping it would loosen it up a little bit. Did I like him? Sure he was no BIG J, but he seemed to like me. Maybe it's because he's just as weird as I am. Maybe we could relate. Or maybe he was really just trying to get into my head so he could destroy me. Or maybe, he's planning to sacri-

"Emma. You're doing that thing with your eyes again. Stop thinking of those ridiculous scenarios." She threw an apple at me from the kitchen. "Would you get out of my kitchen already? I JUST got groceries. And you're going to eat them all before I even get a chance to eat anything." I humphed and turned back to the TV, dodging her question.

"You didn't answer my question."

"What question?"

"Just answer it Emma."

"What question?"

"Don't play dumb."

"I'm not playing dumb."

"Then answer my questions."

"I don't know what question you're talking about."

"Oh I see. By not acknowledging my question, you like him and just don't want to admit it."

"I never said I liked him."

"You never said you didn't."

"Point taken. So just imagine whatever you please."

The time dragged by. I fidgeted with my clothes and scrolled through every channel on the TV at least a dozen times. I ate. I napped. I played pat-a-cake with Ashley. I helped Andrew clean the lobby. That last one took the most time and it was rather fun. Andrew had a bandanna tied around his head and with spray bottle and duster in hand, danced and sang to "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" while cleaning.

It killed a few hours because he made me clean everything twice just to make sure it was spotless. I really felt accomplished after I finished. We stood behind the counter and admired the shining lobby. "I'm so proud. I'm glad you can clean. It's a good quality that men look for in a wife." He winked at me and ruffled my hair.

"Whateverrrrr. I have to go wipe this sweat off my face and redo my hair."

"Riiiight. The big date with Sam. You two are cute together." Before I could open my mouth to protest he raised his hand and shook his head. "Uh uh. I don't wanna hear it. You two are cute and you know it. And you know you like him. So be normal for once. Be a girl. Enjoy the date."

I sighed and tilted my head in thought. "It's not a date." I blew a raspberry at him and headed up the stairs because I was too energetic for the elevator.

As I got to my door, I saw Sam's door swing open and him step out and close and lock the door. He looked at me and I thought I was seeing things. My hand was halfway to the doorknob and stopped there while I stared at him.

"Hey. We match. How cute." He laughed and moved right next to me. "Need help opening the door? I think all that cleaning fluid got to your brain." He moved past my hand and opened my door. Ashley was still inside and had to get up and drag me inside. "She'll be ready in a sec. Just gotta clean up." I could see the glee on her face as she closed the door on a confused Sam.

"Oh my god! You two are so cute! You match! I knew it! I knew you were meant for each other!" She squealed as she dragged me to the bathroom. I looked down at my clothes and a small smile appeared on my face. A white undershirt with a dark red dress shirt with sleeves rolled up. And with a jean skirt and red converse.

Ashley fixed my hair as I washed my face and dried up. "Ohh. I'm so excited. Now go. Shoo. Shoo."

"Are you ever going to leave my apartment?"

"Well. Eventually. I'm sleeping over today so I can hear all the juicy details about your date."

I didn't even bother to tell her it wasn't a date. Sam was leaning against the door inside of my apartment waiting for me with a grin on his face. Maybe it was his jeans. Or maybe his shoes. Or maybe because his hair looked soft and ruffled like he just got out of bed. Or maybe it was because he was smiling at me instead of smirking at me. Whatever it was, I just became a normal girl.

"Ready to go dear Amelina?" He pushed off of the door and held out his arm. I was confused for a second before I hooked my arm with his and grabbed my purse from the coat rack next to the door. "Don't trash my apartment, and everything you eat from now on your have to replace!" I said as I was dragged out the door. Ashley saluted me with two fingers, smirk on her face. Sam closed the door behind me and watched me lock the door.

"Why'd you lock your door? You never lock your door." I shrugged and put my keys back into my purse. He popped his neck twice in the same directed and I gave him a weird look until I noticed that BB was hiding around the corner. What an amateur. Big sunglasses, and a scarf in the middle of the summer. Jeeze.

"You look nice today. Where do you wanna go?" He grabbed my hand and started to walk towards the elevator. "Let's take the stairs. I don't feel like being in the elevator." I headed towards the stairs and watched him rolls his eyes behind me before reluctantly allowing me to drag him to the stairs.

After I opened the door to the stairs, I raced to the railing and swung my leg over the banister. "Let's go!" I laughed and slid down one flight and hopped off. "I bet you can't catch me!" He shook his head and started jumping down the stairs. I got back on the banister and slid, hopping down whenever the flight was done and getting onto the next. I made it to the door then kept on running into the lobby.

"Jeeze! Where are you going?!" He ran after me. And unfortunately, being the out of shape person that I am, he caught up to me rather easily and picked me up and tucked me under his arm while slowing down to a stop at the front desk. "Would you put me down? I think my head might pop off with all this blood rushing to it." Sam set me upright and poked me in the forehead while I was fixing my hair.

"Oh gosh. So cute. I could die, you two are so cute." Andrew appeared behind the counter next to Ashley and they both sighed happily. "I rolled my eyes. Jeeze. You guys are so ridiculous. You act like you've never seen us together before."

"... Did you mean to say that out loud?" I snapped back into focus and looked back and forth between the two. "Of course. Did I use an accent? If I did then that usually means that I didn't mean to say it out loud." I nodded thoughtfully and smiled when they laughed.

Andrew and Ashley ducked beneath the counter and then pulled out two things. The first being a picnic basket with a red and white checkered blanket. And the second was a guitar case, probably with a guitar in it. Or it could be something else. You never know. I saw in an episodes of the Simpsons violin cases full of money and guns. I hope there's not guns in there.

Andrew handed me the basket, and Ashley handed Sam the guitar. "Have fun you two! And be safe!" I held the basket with both hands and rolled my eyes. Be safe? What was that supposed to mean? Is something dangerous going to happen? Of course not. Nothing too dangerous is supposed to happen to me for a while.

"... Are you okay? You've been miming movements and mouthing words for the last few minutes." I looked over at Sam and didn't even realize that I was walking beside him at a fairly comfortable pace.

"Oh yeah. Don't worry. Just thinking about things and acting them out by myself. I'm not quite sure why I do it. It just helps me relax sometimes."

"You're not relaxed right now? Nervous? Nervous that I finally decided to pretty myself up and now you're thinking about what a gorgeous hunk I am?"

"No. I was trying to remember how many ridges there are on a quarter."

A picnic in a park. A picnic in a park under a tree. A picnic in a park under a tree with bright lights strewn in it. Underneath the tree was a small table with two chairs, a candle in the middle. Andrew picked up the candle and spread the red and white checkered blanket on top.

"Ladies first." I sat down as he pulled the chair out for me and pushed me closer to the table. He sat down and unpacked the food. Junk food, junk food, fries, chicken, more junk food, and a diet coke for me and a normal coke for him. My mouth watered looking at the food and I'm pretty sure my eyes were glowing a brighter shade just looking at them.

"Well. I know Ashley's got you on a strict vegetable diet and no junk food diet. But I'm pretty sure starving yourself of your normal food has made you lose a bit of pep. So I brought all of this food hoping to get you back to your eccentric self." He placed his head on laced fingers with his elbows on the table and watched me scarf down food. Then I realized that I looked like a pig and slowed down a little bit in an attempt to eat cleaner.

"Jeeze. You're acting like you've been starved or something." I swallowed the bit of food I had in my mouth and made a mock indignant face. "Of course I've been started! What kind of person eats vegetables day in and day out?! Don't answer that." I took another bite of food and gestured for him to eat.

As I finished, I went for another piece and knocked into Sam's hand. Both of our hands lingered there and I heard a frustrated yell coming from the tree. Sam smirked and handed me a napkin. "Your hand is greasy. In fact, it's so greasy that the tree let out a cry of frustration," He said as loudly and as sarcastically as he could.

Then there was another yell, a crash, and a loud string of swear words as BB fell out of the tree and next to our picnic table. Both Sam and I were chewing on some food and just stared at her on the ground. "Hey party crasher. How's it going?" Sam bit off another piece of chicken and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Don't just sit there eating! Help me up!"

"Why? You're the one who's hiding in trees spying on people on dates. It's not our fault you fell out. We didn't invite you on this date." He took another bite of his food and smirked at her while chewing. I nudged her with my foot and heard her yell.

"It's not nice to kick people who fell out of trees! Aren't you going to call an ambulance?!"

"You seem fine. Your lungs still work. Scream for an ambulance." Sam dusted his hands off and took a drink of his coke.

"What's going on here? I heard a loud crash and... Oh. Sam. I was wondering if I'd find you here. I went to your apartment for a visit but the girl next door said you were on a date." No freaking way. John FREAKING Priskey is standing right next to our picnic table. Sam, however, did not share in my enthusiasm at the sight of his father.

"Dad. What are you doing here." He didn't look too happy.

"I just wanted to see who was worthy of your taste ever since-" Sam got up violently and knocked the table into my arm which made me drop my coke right into my lap.

"Oh jeeze. I'm sorry. Here..." He grabbed a napkin and started to dab at my legs where the coke spilled. "It's okay, I'll get it." I could pretty much taste the tension that was there right now. While I was cleaning myself up, I watched Sam pretty much ignore his dad, and his dad looking at me with a sort of disdain.

He packed up silently when I was finished and left his father standing there awkwardly. "Uh... It was nice to meet you. Sir." I accidentally kicked BB in my haste to catch up with Sam which caused her to yell out again and go into a rant. She was surprisingly quiet after John Priskey showed up. Maybe the tension suffocated her and she couldn't speak.

"Sam? Sam." I caught up to him and grabbed his arm. He stopped and breathed heavily. "I won't ask. I won't even tell. I won't even try to dig into your past to figure out what happened. Besides. This wasn't a real date right?" He looked at me with a strained expression and smiled wearily. "Right. Not even a real date." He took us back to the apartments and walked me to the door.

"Well. This was the best non-date I've ever had. And if it were a real date, then it'd be the best real date I've ever had in my life." I smiled at him and casually played with a trail of leaves that went around the corner. He pretended to stretch in that direction and saw BB's reflection in the window at the end of the hallway.

"Sorry about my dad crashing our non-date. The food was pretty good."

"It was. It definitely was." There was an awkward silence between us. "Do... you wanna come in? You never played that guitar. You brought it for a reason right?"

"Yeah... Yeah I did." I opened the door and Ashley was gone, or hiding somewhere in the kitchen. I closed the door behind Sam and ran into the kitchen to see if anyone was there. There was nobody there, just a whole bunch of rabbit food that Ashley got for me.

Sam sat down on the couch and I sat next to him as he pulled his guitar out and started to sing a song that I recognized vaguely. Maybe it was because it was an acoustic version of the song. Much slower and more romantic.

"You're captivating while evading
all the questions I have for you like,
"what exactly makes you tick?"
When the guilt sets in tell me
what are we going to do?

Your tongue is wet with a top secret passion
I hope I am the cause of it
I'll navigate this unsturdy vessel through a soft sea pillows and blankets

And I fight the urge to explore
the vastness of your curves I adore
You know I, I hate you
No, I hate you more
You know I, I love you
No, I love you more ..."

I looked at him and smiled.

"What?" He continued to play the chords but instead of singing he just smirked at me. "You don't seem like a Spill Canvas guy."

"Oh please. I'm not. I just know you like this band. And this was the only song that fit. I'm not quite done with the song I'm writing for you so this will do."

I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. "You know, if you really want a girl, you shouldn't insult her favorite-"

And then he kissed me.

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