There are strange things in this world. Things that cannot be explained by either science or 'God'. Some people claim to see these things, pretend to act as mediums, contact points between the dead and the living, or show off fake pictures of 'ufos' and 'ghosts. Tales of abductions run wild, stories of mermaids and vampires and possession by the dead. Perhaps some of these tales are true- I certainly can't say that they all are lies. I don't know the truth of the matter, what the circumstances are.

I do know this; I have seen strange things since the beginning of my memory. I do not tell anyone, because I know what it will bring. Accusations of insanity, diagnoses of schizophrenia- in the town I grew up in, I experienced what would happen should my secret slip. My mother was quick to move us.

Perhaps it is my own foolishness, but I do not find anything to fear from these spirits. They have done nothing to harm me, have not contacted me farther than asking to have messages delivered. I hear things most mortal ears cannot hear, see things most human eyes cannot see. I suppose I'm rather like an animal in that way, though I have the advantage of being able to tell others, and the disadvantage of not being believed.

I do not believe in miracles, in heaven, in hell. I believe in humanity, and that what we do with our lives dictates how we see our afterlife. Perhaps those who feel guilty do see a pit filled with unimaginable horrors. Maybe the pure-hearted are stopped by a saint at a shining passageway into heaven. I believe that death is death- our 'souls' may wander once freed from the trappings of our body, but there is nothing to fear in it. We will be buried, our bodies trapped in a wooden coffin under layers of dirt, unable to feel anything.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe there is something more, and maybe, I am more than cynical. After all, can't I see the souls haunting the streets they once walked, can't I hear their cries of sorrow, of regret, asking for their mother, lover, someone, anyone?
I suppose so.

There are strange things in this world. Many, you will never hear the truth about. Most will never be heard of at all.

This one will never be forgotten.