Fallen Angels
Chapter 5: Understanding
Azena Kira

Voenn's heart skipped a beat as he heard the ringer. It was a dark and eerie sound… The only thing he could think of to describe it was a dark orchestra.

Shade tensed slightly. Something about the ring tone just made the entire room get a little colder, and if he wasn't mistaken, the phone was almost as cold as an icicle. He glanced at Voenn while whispering, "What the hell is this?"

Voenn opened his mouth to say something, but then quickly shut it. He looked down at the tiny screen of the phone to see who the caller was and he tensed.

"Nova?" Shade questioned.

"This is…." He stood up completely straight and sighed while glancing in Setasha's direction. His eyes saddened softly, "Mayakii… Give me the phone."

Shade blinked, "But I promised her I wouldn't answer it."

"You won't be answering it." Voenn stated while turning his head back towards the other blond, "I will."

"Do you know who it is?"

Voenn stayed silent before glancing at the phone again. His eyes narrowed slightly upon realizing something else different about the phone.

"Nova, what's wrong?" Shade said while raising an eyebrow.

"It's still ringing…" Voenn murmured under his breath.

Shade froze while glancing toward the phone to find that it was true. It had been over three minutes and the phone was still ringing. Shade took in a shaking breath before placing his finger onto the flip.

"What are you doing?" Voenn questioned while raising an eyebrow.

"I'm probably going to regret this…" Shade responded with a slight grin.

Before Voenn could protest, Shade flipped the phone open and held it up to his ear, "Hello?"

All he could hear was crackling silence…

"H-hello?" Shade repeated into the phone.

This time he heard a soft, yet dark laugh come from the other end of the phone. He felt his whole body tense and he could have sworn the room had gotten a good thirty degrees colder.

"Mayakii? What's wrong?"

Suddenly the laughing stopped and the dark British voice spoke, "Give the phone to Voenn you foolish mortal."

Shade tensed even more and glanced at Voenn, "W… Why should I?"

Shade could almost hear the dark man grin, "You dare question me?"

The blue-eyed blond paled slightly and glanced at Voenn. Voenn could tell that something was wrong and instantly ripped the phone out of Shade's hand, "Who the hell is-"

"Be quiet Nova before I kill you now." The man spoke with no tone of remorse.

Voenn instantly shut his mouth and there was a long pause. Voenn glanced at Shade while speaking into the phone, "… What do you want with Setasha?"

The voice chuckled darkly as Voenn recognized it as the demon that was in the house that morning, "She made a deal with me Nova, that's not my problem."

Voenn's eyes narrowed, "Kaldr she did no such-"

"Your race just likes throwing around my real name like it's nothing now-a-days don't you?"

Shade glanced at Voenn as the green-eyed man paled, "Leave her alone." Shade heard Voenn whisper demandingly into the phone.

"And what if I don't?" Kaldr questioned with a notable grin in his voice before the phone went silent.

Voenn pulled the phone away from his ear with a shaking hand to see the 'call ended' screen facing him, "… Setasha…" He sighed while closing the phone and running his free hand through his hair.

Shade looked at him, "What's going on Nova?"

"Don't worry about it Mayakii." Voenn said without looking at him.

Shade's eyes narrowed, "How can you tell me to not worry about it after that phone call?! Nova, Setasha's in trouble and I want to help! I'm not going to let that guy use her!"

"… It was her choice… She made a deal apparently."

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?!"

"It's complicated, alright Mayakii?" Voenn said while glancing at the other blond, "Here." He said while holding out the phone.

"Why are you giving me that back?" Shade questioned.

"Put it back in your pocket and don't let Setasha know we answered it." Voenn said while calmly placing the phone into his hand, "If she still refuses to tell you what's going on tonight, and then tell her you talked to him."

"Who's him? And I thought you said she wouldn't tell me anyways…" Shade said looking very confused.

"Him is Kaldr… But don't use his real name. She'll tell you if you mention it, but she might not tell you right away. If I can't get her to tell, you might be able to… But if you can't, then that means I have to call in Leon." Voenn said while glancing at the treadmills they were running on a good ten minutes ago.

"I don't understand Nova… What's going on?" Shade again questioned while placing the phone into his pocket.

Voenn sighed heavily, "You'll understand everything soon, even if you don't want to."

Shade stared blankly at the other blond as he started to walk away back to the locker rooms. His blue eyes glanced down towards his pocket with the blood coloured phone in it. Is she really going to tell me?