My parents called me Tani Charlotte Jackson and I was born in the year 3035 to Joan and Frank Jackson

My parents called me Tani Charlotte Jackson and I was born in the year 3035 to Joan and Frank Jackson. They were both good, kind people and loved my brother, Matt, and I very much. Ours was a quaint little family; the red haired man with two red haired children and a small raven-haired wife. We had a three-story house with a white picket fence and a Boarder Collie we named Nellie. Life seemed perfect for us… for a little while.

Shortly after my third birthday, or so I am told, Hell declared war on Earth and all Above. Mother and Matt told me that Father was one of the first to respond to the call for soldiers. According to them, he raced to the front lines without a thought for himself. My father had wanted to help close the gates before too many demons came through. Unfortunately he was also one of the many to not come back. He was never listed as dead, simply M.I.A as the soldier man put it when he came to our house.

Mother didn't believe a word out of the man's mouth and I can vaguely remember her storming around our house grumbling about the stupidities of the military. She told Matt that she knew Father was alive and as soon as she got the chance she would go out and find him herself.

You see my mother had been trained as a veterinarian before the war and due to the shortage of doctors and nurses she was called away a lot. Even though she had never studied human biology she still had some medical knowledge and apparently that was good enough. This said it was really my older brother that raised me… I didn't know either of my parents very well. Though I'm not complaining, I'm glad they could help and Matt did well by me.

All in all we did all right for the first little while but one day Mother simply didn't return home… I was seven. I was frightened and clung to my brother, unaware of how terrified he was too. We searched our house for any sign of a reason why we were alone. In Mother's closet I found a sword. At the time it was too big for me but Matt promised to allow me to use it someday, even to teach me how.

Swords were our only weapons against the demon army. At the dawning of the 31st century our government had outlawed all distance weapons but bows and arrows. It seems we had returned to the dark ages but the world was much more peaceful, until the demons came. I had seen many people in books carrying small black things in the waist of their pants. Matt had told me that these were called guns and they were very bad.

Once our mother had been missing for three months and Matt was drawing closer to 11 the demons seemed to have control over our planet. They were rounding people up and killing all children born out of captivity. Matt and I went into hiding, running from these big creatures with our eyes glancing behind us at all times.

We hid in churches and grave yards because these creatures seemed to avoid holy places. It wasn't that they couldn't step foot there, they could, but they didn't seem to like it very much. Their sickly yellow eyes would flare crimson and an odorous sweat like substance would cover their grey scaly bodies. Hiding in the shadows, if you watched close enough, you could even see the horns sticking out of their head shrink a bit, and their huge frames seemed to diminish as well. Holy ground was the safest place for children born out of captivity.

As I grew Matt taught me to use Mother's sword and I quickly became as adept at using it to kill small animals as he was with the larger blade he found. He quickly became very adept at cooking rabbits over a tiny fire, made in the safety of a Baptist church. Each church had a different use, to us at least. Baptist was for eating, Catholic was for bathing and Protestant was for sleeping. Dividing the amount of time we spent in each church limited the chance of getting caught.

These hide-a-ways were not always effective though. We did run into our fair share of the demon scouts, and we couldn't always run from them. Don't ask me how but Matt and I managed to fight them off. Thankfully they were solitary creatures and we never ran into more than one at a time though it was still a miracle we were not killed.

This sort of life went on for many years until the demons grew wise and began demolishing the churches. Matt and I were forced to start hiding in abandoned houses and therefore had to be much more careful. By this time I was 14 and he was 17. We were able to live and hide like this for just a little over two years before the worst day of my young life so far happened.

I had been asleep, upstairs in a house we had been using for about a week. If I had to guess I would say it had been about noon when I was awoken by the sound of swords clanging together. I leapt from my bed and grabbed my sword, but my still sleeping fingers couldn't seem to wrestle it from its sheath.

By the time I managed to unsheath my sword and race into the hall it was too late. They had my brother under his arms and were dragging him out unconscious. I could see a trickle of blood flowing down his left temple and a tear fell from my right eye. I would have attacked and tried to get him back but when I finally looked to his captors I was too shocked to move. Humans! Humans had attacked and kidnapped my brother. My own kind had turned against me and before I could get my senses back they were gone.

When I was finally able to think again I raced outside, only to confirm that they were indeed long gone. I made a silent vow right there and then. I vowed that they would not keep my brother, these creatures had already taken my mother and father but Matt would not be theirs. I would go to Hell and back if I had to, to get him.

That is the day I started the greatest journey of my life and this is my story. Mine is a tale filled with blood, betrayal, sabotage, and greed. I am warning you now I will not sugarcoat anything, everything you see here will be exactly as I remember it or exactly as I was told. Be careful when deciding whether to turn the page or not. It has begun