Pluralistic Non-Identity

No deficit
No contradictory balance of humility

These are the times of the self-assessed
This is the end of a species repressed
These are the moments of a monumental mess
We, incarnations of a damnation so intrinsically blessed
We feel no need to confess
I'm proud of what we've done

In this turn-style paradise
Of murder by consent
We live our lives inside the lies
To live life, circumvent

I do what I want
I rule by the lives
I want what I do
My life is the rule

We are the icons of a new generation
Living beneath ourselves and beyond our congregation
We aim these words at none

I'm not the product of a modern nation
We are the child of a post-modern war
I've got no concept of salacious salvation
We are defiled and can only ask for more
Though you'll find it burning at your door

So stomp this face forever
You run this race so clever
You stomp this face forever
But forever's in decline

Do what you want to but you'll do it broke
Do what you want to but your life's a joke
Do what you want to 'till you finally choke
Do what you want to and you'll only provoke
The beast

And I don't mind
We don't have to define
I can choose to or not to be kind
And we always walk that line
I'm just the one who's keeping this in mind
We're just the simply spoken undersigned