'Perfect Moments'

By: Solar Eclipse

(A/N This is a one shot, just a cute little something I came up with in the middle of science class… lol, that's where I write most of my stories And just to let you know, this is my 2nd straight story ever, normally I write slash and slash only, but I just couldn't resist this time)

Staring at you, I wrap my arms around your waist, my chin resting against your chest, feeling it rise and fall with each breath you take. I feel your arms slide around my shoulders, one of your hands slipping into my hair, tugging my head back as far at it goes before you slowly lean forward and just rest your lips against mine. Not kissing, just a constant pressure, frustrating me with the 'kiss-less-ness' of it.

I let out an annoyed moan that turns into a gasp as I finally feel your lips move against mine, opening to let you swipe your tongue across my lips. I open my mouth, sighing in pleasure as out tongues meet and tangle together. My hands on your back grip your shirt, lifting it so I can slip my hands underneath to scratch at you back lightly. I slide them up your back to slowly drag them back down, smiling as I feel you shiver against me.

I pull away from the kiss to give my attentions to your neck, licking up the side before staying still, content to just lapping at it softly. I drag my nails once more down your back, this time a little more harshly, smirking as you arch your back, letting out a low hiss in my ear. I feel your hands sliding down my back and grab my ass, pulling us closer together. I release your neck, feeling a hardness press against my stomach and I let out a gasp of surprise.

My gasp getting swallowed as you pull me into a harsh kiss, biting down on my bottom lip before pushing your tongue into my mouth and walking forward, backing me into the wall. I moan as your hands let go of my ass, moving to my stomach and slide up my chest, up to my arms, grabbing them. You remove my arms from around your neck and hold them against the wall, one hand on each side of my head.

You pull away from the kiss, keeping your lips right out of my reach. I push back against your hands, stretching out my neck trying to pull you back. I let out another annoyed groan, "Tease" letting my head hang, hair draped around my face. I feel you once again move closer, one of your thighs sliding between mine, pressing me farther into the wall.

You slide my hands up over my head, switching them so you had one free hand. My head tilts back by the fingers under my chin. I look into your eyes, pouting a bit. You smile softly, pressing a chaste kiss to my lips before releasing my hands, to grab them hem of my shirt, lifting it up. I keep my arms over my head so the shirt comes off faster and then let them settle around your shoulders as you drop it to the side.

I pull you into a gentle kiss, just a light movement of lips on lips before pulling back, my eyes glistening with unshed tears. You immediately move you hands to my cheeks, "What's wrong? Are you okay? Did I go too far?" I laugh softly at your questions, a few tears trailing down my cheeks, "I … think I… love you." You smile gently, wiping away the stray tears before kissing me softly, "I... love you too"

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