Not much to say about the following week. I had, it seemed, arrived just before the initiation of the "education" of this "class," which consisted of me, Noah, Jordan, and maybe fifteen others.

Although the time between my awakening and the education's start was uneventful, the education was not. We spent all day being drilled on subjects of the various types of extradimensional creatures - "extra-d's" in the terminology of the Sentries. Speaking of which, the history of this strange organization was one of the subjects in which we were taught.

Much of my interest was consumed by the history of the Sentries. Established in Greece back when they were city-states, the Sentries were, in their original form, a covert operations/espionage unit - the first in recorded history, in fact. Primarily utilized by Athens, Crete, Sparta, and a few others, those with our abilities were deployed as political tools, spies, or specialized soldier units.

Anyone with a little imagination and powers like ours could be a deadly force. Thought-reading blackmail, finding important items without searching, causing absolute terror or trust in someone with just a glance. We're a fearsome breed, and the Greeks put us to effective use.

By the early-middle-Roman Empire period, our units had transformed into a sort of domestic protection unit. The Sentries had no central organizing structure once Greece was absorbed by Rome, and most Roman leaders, surprisingly, hadn't seen a need for our powers in the few cases they were revealed, since most of us had kept it quiet.

In the "domestic protection" phase, the Sentries first began to take on their modern purpose - annihilating extra-d's through the gratuitous application of spirit weapons. Through a complex series of events surmised at by secondary and tertiary sources, it is believed a group of three, consisting of two men with Eyes and a Nose, and a woman with Ears, began acting to protect a small area; their activity is believed to have been noticed. A local garrison officer realized that they could use weapons that the man with the Nose, a local smithy, had bound into rings - though of course, he couldn't understand it. Thus, the beginning of our weapon system.

Sometime in the next few centuries, trade and such brought knowledge of similar groups in several regions to each other. Extermination campaigns in densely infested areas were begun as joint operations. It was in defense of our dimension and it would've been genocide if the extra-d's weren't so good at fighting back. Over time the Sentry predecessors broke away from governmental control and eventually even began to dominate governments where necessary. Every new technology was theirs for the taking like this, and they were able to reduce the extra-d influence to guerrilla warfare, occasional kidnapping and establishment of cults and the like, the way they are today.

All of this, of course, took about five months for me to learn. This was a time in which I basically kept to myself, smoked a pack a day, learned, studied, thought, and ignored the five others in my dorm - Noah, Jordan, a Korean guy and girl who, I heard, were fraternal twins, and a dude who liked to practice mediocre breakdancing a lot (though I did notice improvement over those few months). It was a pretty calm period in my life.

Yet, there was still one thing bothering me. For months now, that word was stuck in my head. Bugging me, distracting me, the only thing that could keep me from total focus on this exciting, bizarre new knowledge.

Always there, grinding at the edge of my thoughts. Prodding, poking, finding any weakness through which it could enter, then disappearing from my mind, having made its presence known.

This came to a head when, in a fit of frustration, I interrupted my history instructor to ask: "What does 'Namabisayat' mean?"