Absolute Distance and a Single Line

molding minds
into spaces:
like the ticking of clocks or
jet engines gunning down
(all round, all around)--
moving hours and miles between
yesterday and tomorrow
which are, really, nothing
but the mathematical expressions of
always and never.

Which tends to be
far too abstract for you

graphing antipodes
while I hound after god.
Your equations deface my edifice,
so we say nothing of my dogma
pissing on your charts.
You believe in absolutes
and I believe in armageddon;
if we both bend far enough
it straightens out either way.

There is still not a world
big or small enough to make our ends meet,

but things like size and meeting
don't really have matter.
Generally and relatively have nothing to do
with general relativitity
but we use the words easily,
pretending to speak the same tongue
when we talk about curves,
the way they change things,
or the fact that somehow
(all reason and religion aside)
we agree between here and there
the shortest distance is clearly
this single line

(stolen from a lovesong):

Despite it all I will be waiting for you,
at the absolute end of the world.